15 English Slang Words and Expressions with Bruno Mars

Hey everyone, I’m Andrea, your real life English fluency coach. And today we have a great lesson for you, where you’ll be learning lots of slang vocabulary and expressions that natives use in real life with songs by Bruno Mars. Good together. This appears to me. Bruno Mars has sold over 130 million records worldwide, making him one of the best selling music artists of all time. Now, you’re going to have a lot of fun with this lesson. And you’ll understand natives a lot better by watching it. Now before we get into today’s lesson, I want to let you know that every week here on learn English with TV series, we make lessons just like this In fact, Gladys says that she loves learning with our channel because she can smile and relax whilst learning pronunciation and vocabulary. So if that sounds good to you, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and the bell down below so that you don’t miss a single lesson. The first Bruno Mars song we’ll look at is locked out of heaven. If you put or lay something on the line, you risk it. This is often collocated with life as in the following example.

Sometimes to make this sound more emphatic, we might say to put it all on the line. Like Bruno, Jim here is also using this expression to describe his feelings. You don’t even know she’s single now. No, I heard something about that. It’s just I kind of put it on the line. twice, actually. And she said no.Twice. Bruno is saying here he’s not willing to put his heart on the line. He means that he doesn’t want to have his heart broken.

So how did you get that four into law school and then drop out? Well, I got my heart broken. And then everything got weird.

This song has many references to religion and worshiping. That changes. A sinner is one that commit sins or does something that is against the rules of a religion. The expression we’ll take a deeper look at is to change one’s ways. This means to improve one’s behavior, habits or beliefs. In the context of this line in the song, Bruno is telling the woman he has such strong feelings for her that she could make him change his behavior in a positive way. Let’s watch this expression in use.

Cole find his concerns about us being together now. I’m starting to think he’s right. This works for them. Living in the city.

Example, this building is a masterpiece. This song is a masterpiece. However, he is using this word to praise or saying nice things about women. This was a masterpiece. By the way, did you notice the strange grammar in the sentence them good girls? Shouldn’t it be those good girls or the good girls? This is an interesting slang use of the objective personal pronoun them.

So if you say for example, I got to get them tickets. You mean I got to get the tickets. Remember this is very informal and you should only talk like this in appropriate situations. Then he says while living in the city. He uses the word style as a verb This is not a common use and is also slang. And approximate definition could be showing that you have So continuing with the slang by wiling, he means dancing enthusiastically or partying.

Then he says living it up in the city. To live it up means to have a very enjoyable time, especially by going to parties or having a very busy social life. Good, good. I got my money. That’s gonna drag it up. Yeah, you gotta live it up. While I can write?

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If you succeed, then flaunted Can you already work out the meaning of flaunt there? Let’s watch these three clips if you’re still in doubt. I was I really wasn’t gonna flaunt this. I have made a very sizable donation to Oscars, nephews. Walker thong $25.

Me too. Out of deference to them. Let’s not flaunt our happy relationship. You have a keen insight into the human heart Amy Farrah Fowler. Do you know that I have lost 68 pounds in two years that is fantastic. I’m so happy very proud of it. And

what I’ve got you can flaunt two thirds of the day outside of the office. If you think that flaunt means to show or display your possessions, abilities or qualities to obtain other people’s admiration. You got it. It’s similar to this other word he uses brag about something.

George Michael was trying to impress a cousin. He was tutoring in math. Hello. By bragging about software he was developing. So it’s privacy software that’s also anti piracy. It’s called fake block. He was lying. It was software that made a phone when kept sound like a woodblock

don’t buy if you freaky then own it. He means to accept who you are, even with your flaws or defects. You’re probably familiar with own as in he owns a car. And alternative meaning of this is when we say something like own who you are or accept who you are, but own it. Take responsibility for a mistake. We often turn this into the phrasal verb own up.

Sometimes when you make a mistake, or you can do is own up to it all right, because it’s something you can’t fix knowledge. In Grenade Bruno talks about a woman he’s in love with and all the things he would do for her watching is sad, catch a grenade? Jump in front of a tray. This says this.

He says he’d do anything for her. This is the most generic of all these ways that you can use to show extreme loyalty or appreciation for someone. Then you’ll observe the same meaning in the idiomatic expression. Take a bullet. In other words, you care so much about someone that you would die to save their life example. We’ve been friends forever I take a bullet for him.

If you’re enjoying watching this lesson with Bruno Mars and you love learning English with songs, then I highly recommend You check out our playlist because we have so many more lessons just like this one with lots of different artists. All you have to do is click up here or in the description box below to have a look and choose your next lesson. Now we move from the Bruno who would do anything for someone to the Bruno who doesn’t feel like doing anything today. This is the Lazy Song.

I’m going to kick my feet up. Turn the TV y’all know my hand and my parents know. The phrasal verb kick your feet up is quite visual. Can you guess in which of these the person kick their feet up? We save this to talk about a moment when we want to relax. A very useful informal word that we love to use instead of relax is chill. Let’s watch some clips with this word.

Hey Schmidt Can I sit with you want your cooler here? Yeah, just chillin hang with the cat. To tell someone to relax we say chill out. Because your weak neck weak grip just chillin on the couch just chillin. A Snuggie is a type of rope as seen in this picture.

I might mess around and get a college degree about my own man will be so proud of me. to just have to weigh your old man is your father. Probably my first set of golf clubs my old man game.

He then uses another fun way to refer to his father pops. In American slang. Some people also say moms to refer to their mother. But not my old woman. Just trying to strut is to walk in a proud way trying to look important. The way that models walk down a catwalk. She’s doing something that’s making lettered uncomfortable you should talk to her. Oh no, he’s not uncomfortable at all. No, he’s loving it. Continuing in line with the lazy theme, he won’t even get dressed. If you’re in your birthday suit you’re naked. hang loose is also similar to chill. If you let things hang loose, you relax and don’t worry about them because they’re not important. Here he also means he’ll be hanging loose as he won’t be wearing any underwear.

My grandma needs my selfish ways. Ways here is similar to when we defined to change one’s ways. It refers to how a person often behaves, we often say an adjective plus ways. We also often say stuck in one’s ways or set in one’s ways. What are you doing sitting in front of a vehicle? Jay says I can’t leave until I tasted. Why do you torture him like this? Because he’s too stuck in his ways. GLORIA This is good for him.

He’ll try more things. This is good parenting. Cause the good strong moment lacunar walk out my lie. Now I’m against the clear, clean up the mess. Oh, and close my eyes.

This word is a bit different from the type of vocabulary we’ve been seeing so far. You could say this word is more related to the horror theme. For example, if a ghost haunts you, it visits you or appears in front of you frequently, and it makes you feel scared. Or think about a haunted house. For example, the use here is a bit less literal. We often talk about a certain memory haunting you. Meaning you constantly think about it and you start to feel anxious,

I think and I’m hooking them. Last week I tried to take one off a girl with a party. I fumbled for so long. She started to laugh. It still haunts me. In the city my trigger

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