Ace your writing module LeapScholar’s IELTS Masterclass part 2

How did you find writing?

So actually the as you already said writing is the most difficult part accent Listen, you can speak but the writing part actually because

after school or after college means we don’t get much opportunities to write essays right to write or to form essays or formats if you’re at a very correction of us. How did you manage to do well

so like I followed your niche for the first I followed your niche video itself on YouTube so that was the first time that I came to know about lip color also

you came to know about lips color yeah yeah then yeah then on Instagram also then I can lead I was also checking for other

online courses for as well they were talking like they were take taking around 15 20,000 for the same 10,000 20,000

very right China was the market charges a lot of money and even the guidance you get is not as good as leaps color. Right?

But Shahnawaz Did you not think that against 15,000 wild leaps color offering at such a low price? Yes. So it enters everybody’s mind. So I’m very friendly. Yeah. So

at the start, like I was also intelligent, like how  will it be good or not? Is it not going to be a fake course right? Yes. Right. Yeah.

And then why why would someone Yeah, someone give the support 20 for free when you are giving them a master class for free to everyone in YouTube. So

why would everyone give back? Correct but then yeah, when I took like you took a decision to join like I said in the beginning

Shahnawaz it’s your choice your decision you made a very wise decision to realize that probably leads collar will help you and it did help you right. So how did it help you Shahnawaz?

me sir. Miller I knew that I can write essays I can like write I can I know what is a bar chart what is a graph that but I did not know like how

I can explain them saturate how to structure it how to add the correct vocabulary. We know we know those sentences, but we know what is a complex sentence how to use them in a paragraph. Yes.

So how many connectors Did you lose use in your writing? So I made sure that in every paragraph I use at least two connectors,

two connectors in every paragraph please. Please note down. Yeah, you’re very good and what kind of connectors did you use Shahnawaz?

If I have to like contrast any two sentences I will use the in contrast. By contrast Book and yes, so I would suggest everyone

to make a list of these connectors one should make the list of these connectors very true. And how did you write four paragraphs or five paragraphs in the first

nice task, so I like to use the practice or two these two figures, but in my exam they came three figures, three singers make three figures. Okay, yeah, so manage that.

So but in like, in the meantime, I’d already told that if you’re getting three figures that you need to write at least three nice paragraph, yes. Literally. Yes. And explain each and then contrast. And there should be a like, relation between your

paragraphs, paragraphs, you should I use them properly they should be Yeah, that’s very important. And what what what topic did you get in your essay? Do

you remember? Yes. So, in my essay, it was like, like globalization in the world. So is it a boon for boon for the okay globalization, quite a general topic, but not so easy to write upon? Yeah. So it was like the ideas Shahnawaz.

So, as it was already told in the classes, that when we get the topic then we write when we have the pencil. So in the question paper itself, I tried to write my points in small light. So that I, did you make the prayer first, I

made a plan before the very important No, at the beginning of the 40 minutes, you must make a plan that acts as your roadmap. So did you write down the points

Did you manage to generate ideas?

Yes, because we can get a look nice if we’re writing for infor so if we can write three we can get through two point in the

five minutes or so but we need to do right only to five minutes to take two pints and also give examples for each Yeah, what kind of examples Did you give me?

I said my insight to the globalization it is good for the community in its country for its economy as well. And for his people are so then

I give example like if it example of Indian handlooms so the handloom businesses, it is famous Oliver Very good, very good.

And they want to know Shahnawaz something about speaking although we are doing writing today, they want to know how you tackle speaking so I’m sure the speaking clubs at Leeds Kala would have been very helpful.

Yes, yes. So speaking clubs, like I attended two or three speaking classes, speaking clubs, so they were very helpful. And at the real time, they were giving me a feedback. Also, there were I am doing right where I’m doing wrong.

So we’re not very nervous on the day of your exam. Were you confident or it’s natural to get a little nervous? It’s natural

to get a bit nervous. No doubt. I agree. Yeah, yes. But still you have an edge. Which what you pad Did you get the added range wants to know, in in, in the back, do I Oh,

yeah. Okay, so my cue card was like, explain a famous person that you want to, like meet and why might why you want?

Why you want to meet that person. Not a bad topic. Shahnawaz. That’s not bad. So who do you talk about Virat Kohli? No, actually, I

talked about Elon Musk. Okay, great. Wonderful. So in that one minute, did you jot down those ideas those names? Yeah. Means in short form,

like I just write Ilan Musk, what do is and what he has done for the world and what he is currently doing, what are the companies and why I follow him why I want to meet him.

So I just wrote three to three points, and then explain each of them one by one. Wonderful. Did

you manage to speak for two minutes? Yes, yes. Wonderful. That’s great. Shahnawaz. So what band did you get in reading and listening? in reading, I got eight, eight. And in listening. I got 8.50 Wow,

that’s wonderful Shahnawaz. And in writing. In writing. I got seven. That’s very good. Shahnawaz seven is also very good bad in writing.

Normally, the students bad the 6.5 only so wonderful. Your scores were wonderful. You work very hard. And you share wonderful tips with the students. So are you going have you planned your admission somewhere?

Yes. means I am spilling like trying to communicate? Yeah, I’m still deciding for either for the unwary or for the main take.

But are you planning for UK or Canada? No. For for Canada, Canada. Wonderful. Canada is quite a popular destination today.

Yeah, wonderful. China was many congratulations. And once again, we I would wish you the best for all your future endeavors.

Thank you for joining us today. And thank you for telling the students about all your tips. Thank you. Thank you for your question. Before you go if the examiner stopped you Did the examiner stop you in the speaking exam?

If she stopped me historically, so I’m very normally an Indian. Yeah, she was an Indian. Okay, but she was pleasant. Yeah, she was pleasant. And she did not stop me because I was doing something wrong because

I spoke for longer than required. So if you will not so by yourself, I mean ideogram in two minutes, directly, all right, right. It’s not doesn’t mean the examiner is upset.

The examiner just wants to carry on go on to the next question. Am I right, good. SHAN Next question.

Your next question are also dependent upon the sale of a shoe. Yeah, yes. Absolutely. Shahnawaz. Hello, you did a great job Shahnawaz.

We are very proud of you once again, and thanks for joining. Okay. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you.

Thank you all the best to you Shahnawaz. So guys, you heard right, you heard Shahnawaz, and I’m sure you’re very inspired and motivated

that Shahnawaz also thought he said I was in a dilemma whether to buy the course or not because he was offered a course in the market at 15,000 20,000.

But then when he came across our video, my video The masterclass video, he was inspired and he joined a crash course and he got an eight band, but he worked hard right.

So, if you made the right choice, if you decide that this is the right place, I am at the right place you will also be like Shahnawaz

you will also be coming on the screen like this you will also be proudly sharing your eyes results okay now coming back to

the master class guys giving your eyes the essays like I told you one of the following types and Shahnawaz also told you about what kind of connectors he used.

Why and although besides In contrast, by contrast, and he formed four paragraphs right. So and also he planned the essay planning is very important.

Decide what your opinion is have a clear position Don’t hesitate between two opinions, give the examiner a clear opinion and find examples you will use for this task.

Okay, that is your planning when you are jotting down some points for your essay. Okay, next slide Samia.

So what should you do?

You should analyze the question because I told you answering the question is full is very important. So read the question two times three times, analyze it.

Then brainstorm what is brainstorming creating ideas in two minutes. As many ideas come to your mind, write them down, jot them down.

In your plan, decide how many paragraphs I’m going to make. Of course, you need to make at least four and we’ll show you the structure, but sometimes you can make five also.

So while you are writing your answer, try to use some good sentences, conditional sentences and emphatic language by emphatic language What do I mean?

Undoubtedly, without doubt, in addition to I am convinced, so be firm write in a strong manner. And keep the like, you know,

check your work carefully. In the end, leave three minutes to check your answer. Okay, now, let’s see the structure of the essay.

Next slide Samia, please. So you can see right? What is a five step approach? Please have a look. Analyze the question. Then think about the introduction.

No Tamia, good question. No idioms in writing. We don’t use any idioms in speaking Yes, we can use as many idioms.

It’s always better to get a good band but not in writing. No idioms in writing, guys. Okay. In the introduction, what you do is

you have four paragraphs right introduction to body paragraphs and a conclusion. In the introduction. What will you do?

Tell me in the chatbox guys who all know what, how many steps do you have to write in the introduction? Tell me Yeah,

rich are you Oh, that’s good. Very nice. Well, siree Reja very good. Good shallow access to some say five No, not five. Definitely not five.

Yeah. Paraphrasing. Yeah. Then. Good, very good. That’s good. paraphrase general statement, your opinion, right? If we go by sequence, general statement, paraphrase, and your opinion, so good Sahil, very good Angeles.

So what is paraphrasing, paraphrasing is rewriting, writing it in your own words

and giving a general topic if you have a topic say about like I said food, you know, like, junk food. So you will you can give a general statement that food is something most human beings are very passionate about.

All of us love to you know, talk about food, think about food, then come on to what type of food organic food or fast food then begin your topic.

So that’s a general statement. Then paraphrase the topic, whatever is your question, three righted then give your opinion. So that’s About introduction.

After that, you already made a plan. Now make two body paragraphs writing your one view in one another and another and give a conclusion.

Before we come to a particular essay. Before I show you an introduction to body paragraphs and invite you also, I would like you to come up and share your writings.

I’ll give that opportunity I would love you to come, but allow me two minutes for a break to tell you how you can get a good band and guys, today we have a solid surprise for your solid.

And it’s a bumper bumper surprise, which has not come for months, because it’s August end right August and first you can see our league champions.

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No Samia. Yes, so I’m so sure like you’re so excited to share but I’m sure there will be more excited when they learn about it.

Yes, definitely. Okay, so first of all, we have two surprises actually. The one is in the end we are going to share a free giveaway gift with all of you so today we are going to share a nine band sample essay. So

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