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You Hi everyone I’m audible I’m oh yeah good Hello How are you? How are you all doing? How are you all doing? Do let me know in

the chat box good fine I’m also doing good thank you for asking I’m good I’m good everyone thank you yes actually I’m good.

Okay, so um yeah, new people who have joined us for the first time please tell let me know in the chat box you know it always excited to see so many new people every day.

That’s why I always ask that who all on you today. Okay, great. Maria Hassan, which myth is great.

Okay, great. Great. All people from Bangladesh I’ve also joy and welcome the vendor among the top good behind. Okay. new new new don’t write new write your names otherwise I will not No, no.

How will I know your names? Write your names in the chat box if you’re new, introduce yourself Shivani I made a magic great ahemdabad Okay.

So many people. So like, do you know what a masterclass is? Do you know the purpose of these classes that you’ve just joined? You know the purpose why do we conduct these classes?

What are the past classes?

Now? You have to tell me one statement that what are these master classes? Okay. I really want to know how many of you actually know what a master class is.

Life Changing Okay. Great. Use objectives. Okay. As many adjectives as you can for the master describing the master class.


Okay, giving you right direction. Okay, learn something new. exceptional. Okay. Wow. Missed mastery over a topic. Yes. Okay, proficient okay.

To get into a good college. Yes, definitely to learn something new. Yes. Great. Just to know more effective helpful.

Okay, great. It’s so good to see so many objectives. So many beautiful objectives right? To connect with the world. Okay, informative, huh? Nice.

To have command on a particular I couldn’t read your whole statement. Very helpful for many students. Sticky yes hi rich ah How are you become a master in the master class Yes. So, now I will introduce you to the master class okay.

So, these master classes are absolutely free first of all I like to tell you these are absolutely free and we can take we conduct these classes two times in a day okay at 10am in the morning at 7:30pm in the evening every day

even on Sundays we conduct these master classes for all your few and we try to cover all the four modules in these classes all the four modules are covered you know the cover grammar and vocabulary as well we try to you know

make these classes as much interactive as we can we really love to interact with all of you and it also will be an educator for today and

you know he has more than 20 years of experience I regularly say this because you know so many new people they join us they should actually know that who is teaching them right.

So he has more than 20 years of experience and he has taught like 1000s of students Yes. So like are you excited for the class now?

Hi, Hello, good evening. Yes. Okay now I just want to know who all are excited this right excited in the chatbox is very excited huh okay.

Yes, yes, yes. Yes. excited me excited Okay. Great. Yes. So now today we are going to cover the writing module which is how many of you find writing difficult I personally find writing very difficult my love

I just hate writing How many of you actually like feel it is very difficult and you hate it and you do not want to do it.

Okay, you love writing great. Likewise Yeah. Okay, so if you hate writing you should definitely attend this session till the end okay. Because you know, we are we are here to make you fall in love with writing right?

You will not see this after this class ends you will actually like it It also is going to share some amazing tips and tricks with all of you to you know, crack your exam in the first attempt especially the writing module.

Yes, okay. Somebody’s saying disgusting Wow.

I can’t write no worries if you cannot try. That is what I’m seeing. If you do not like writing then this session is actually for you. Because after this session,

you will actually love writing. So please stay with us till the end. Okay. Creation if you want this PPT, we don’t share this PPT for free.

You have to buy this for 49 rupees like all the ppts and these masterclass recordings, everything we share for 49 rupees time do Haroon thank you so much this 49 okay yes

you are interested I let you know in the brain that how you can actually buy it kill so don’t be so Maximus I’m not kill saying I’m very happy.

Can you not see it on my face?

Yes rather Krishna. Yes. Just 49 Yeah. Okay, when do you want to buy I let you know how you can buy it. And I will definitely share the link. Hi. Hello, Pooja hi akshita great. I will share the links I let you know how you can subscribe to the class.

Also, yes, I forgot to tell you you know in every master class, we share a free giveaway gift with all of you basically with the participants who stay with us till the end.

So if you want to free giveaway gift for today, you have to stay with us till the end.Okay. Gary artisteer is just joining see he’s here. You asked about as well and he’s here Hello, sir. Good evening. asked Where is a

wonderful Samia then I have a long life. Yeah, okay. Wonderful. Thank you so much, Samia. Thank you. Thank you so much. Hi, guys, everybody. How are you all How are you all doing on a Saturday? Hi, good evening. Good evening shared with time Manisha.

navneet. Rohit cha heard Wow. jahad you’re here for the first time. Yeah. Yeah, so is yashwant Oh is Rashmi joy is bright. Joy is Jared and Dublin and Harun chard Yeah.

Tanu wonderful Gaga and Joshua, you’ve been here Gauri utos Sushma satyajeet Great I know the new names now without asking you. Yeah, hi amateur. Hello akshita

dawod Akshay, always looking forward to meeting you. So also termina IV needs to Preet Maria. Darren g Janani Gula makwana.

Wow, wonderful on Saturday so many new friends so many new supporters. Wonderful the average job of missing you too.

Hi, Sangeeta. Hello Sudan shoe very good to see you. Oppo. I’m fine. How do you think I’m looking? Okay, no, I Jagmohan ramandeep idol adjust Syrah.

Yeah. Good evening. Good evening, everybody. Very warm. Welcome, guys. Wonderful. Let’s so nice to have you here on a Saturday. Right.

Very good. Yeah. Okay. Good. Very nice to see you all from India and from Bangladesh from all over. Yeah. All over from pan India.

Guys, I hope you are all here for your studying for ies right. That’s where you’re joining in on a Saturday evening. Yeah, good.

Dushan thank you for the compliment. Thank you so much, Lucian. I really feel thanks, Akshay. And I’m really like very motivated more.

Thank you so much. Yes, hope to see ya Sunday. We don’t show any videos. We normally call the students only right? These are all live classes.

Anyway, you all are here. Thanks for your attitude. Thanks for appreciating our set lips color. Of course, I’ll have in there definitely give you some motivational lines.

And the lines today our attitude about attitude. That attitude is a choice. optimism is a choice decision is a choice, right. So whatever choice you make makes you choose wisely.

I’ll repeat guys, attitude, your attitude makes it all so attitude is a choice. optimism is a choice.

That means be optimistic, be positive decision is a choice, whatever decision you make, it’s your choice. But if it’s the right decision, it lands you at the right place, then whatever choice you make makes you therefore choose very wisely.

Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind, will I be able to do reading I’m not good at speaking, maybe my English is not so good.

My vocabulary, my grammar, I may run out of ideas in the speaking exam, I may not be able to get a good band. So don’t be pushed around by the doubt, rather be led by the dreams in your heart.

And what are the dreams in your heart, which will lead you the dreams in your heart or to go abroad to break a bright future to earn lots of money to make a good name.

And that’s what we are here for with you ad lib scholar. So once again, a very warm welcome to all of you. Okay, let’s begin our master class. We made you know, we have this master class every day from 730 to 830. We do a different section. Which one time?

Yeah, that’s wonderful. I feel very heartened when somebody says I want a nine band Sure, at leats color, we don’t believe in anything less than an 8.5 you know,

we just don’t settle for anything because we got used to getting eight and 8.5 and we got used to becoming the leader in all India’s calls.

So I’m more than happy if you tell me you want a nine band right?

It will be wonderful. Okay guys, so we are going to do the writing today writing module, although we did it but on Saturday, even on a Sunday, we have a master class.

So we are giving you something different on writing today. And writing you know, writing you know is also of course as the definitely you’ll also get a band.

Now I don’t of course sub job each one of you, I will pray and I would want you to be a leap champion all of you. Now you know

that I’ll have four sections right is gives you a bands in a band in four sections, which are reading listening writing and speaking correct.

So, writing is one of the important sections each is very important, because each makes up 25% of your total bank. So, in writing also

it will be 25% of your total bank writing has two parts and it is for one hour, you know the two parts Part one is a pictorial data or a representation of a pie chart or that bar diagram or a map or a process.

And that is different because general students get a letter, although each is have to write 150 words and the time is also the same 20 minutes.

Task two is common. Task two is very common for both, I would say is is not that difficult. So one three, but it’s not easy.

Also, let me tell you see no exam is easy, right? Any exam can be daunting can be stressful. isles is also one such exam. It’s an exam that

you know that you are going because you want to go abroad, you need a score, and when you’re going for the exam, you’re bound to get tense all of us even if I were to go for an exam, I would get stressed.

Because obviously we are nervous, will we be able to crack it or not?Now, the key to cracking it the key to not getting nervous is what we’ve talked about in the break.

Before that I would love to teach you but at the moment settle all your fears.

Remove all your doubts and relax, enjoy the flow of the class and feel that you are at a place where you will be very sincerely led into all

four sections of Isles. Okay, so you don’t have to worry the slightest bit. Okay, guys, so let’s move on to the writing section.

So PM, I believe it’s been increased to three years I it was two years, but I believe it’s been increased to three years this pause validity. Now is is a language exam, right?

So you know what language exam it means, because it’s testing your English proficiency. because English is not our main language, right?

So it’s popular. It’s accepted for university admissions in UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada and USA.

The exam mainly measures the ability of a student to communicate in four basic English language skills, which are reading listening, writing, speaking and reading. Now, I you have to take the exam through IDP only now, not British Council.

And IDP in further is governed by University of Cambridge. So isles is accepted all over the world, right, anywhere you go, you will need an ies score.

So let’s let’s get down to cracking eyes if it’s so necessary, am I right? Let’s let’s go on to the next page. Slide Samia please.

So, the eyes writing part is like I said, we are going to talk about part two, I already told you about part one. In part two, you get a statement you get a statement, where you will be presented with a point of view an argument or a problem.

The topics can range from environment to immigration, culture and even technology. You might be asked to agree or disagree

with a point of view or argument you may be asked to discuss two opposing views, different views, contradicting views or

right about the advantages and disadvantages of a topic or even you could be explained a certain problem or the cause of a problem and asked to offer solutions.

So your response will be needed in an essay format. This will be for 250 words and you are get you’re given 40 minutes the manner today we are talking about part two part one on a different day. Yeah. Today we are discussing the essay.

Right Samia the next slide, please. So yes, as far as part one and part two go there are certain similarities and there are certain differences.

Also, what are the similarities? The similarities are that both have an introduction, both need paraphrasing in the introduction,

that differences in part one, you don’t need an opinion, you don’t need a conclusion. But in part two, you need an opinion, you need a conclusion also.

That’s the main thing, right?

Otherwise, part one and part two are quite different. Because there’s no opinion there’s no judgment of yours needed in part one. It’s simply acting like the narrator like the reporter and submitting your data.

By the way I forgot to welcome everybody on YouTube guys. So a warm welcome to all those on YouTube Of course and on zoom to okay now, the next slide Samia please.

So I already talked about this that you are given a topic and you are asked to write 250 words. Well, today what we are covering is common for both general and academic.

I think academics a general students get a little too worried. Yeah, that maybe they are not in the right place is this for general?

So I would suggest keep your phrase aside. Right? You are both welcome academic and general so you don’t need to worry at all okay,

and this is as it is common. So I would request you not to worry and not to ask about general and academic because we look after all of you.

Okay, and you’re left next slide please Samia. So, I already told you that you are getting a statement and you are going to write an essay in a formal manner.

Now how is the examiner going to mark you because mind you writing is not very easy to score, like I said is is not very easy,

but not very difficult to you need to understand the structure the format of essay that’s very important the format of the exam also and

you also need to know you know, you don’t need to tax your brain how you will get only try and understand what is the examiner looking for.

Once you know what the examiner is looking for you won’t be tense you won’t be stressed. So what is the examiner looking for in writing?

Right in writing the examiner is looking or giving you a band, how far how sufficiently Have you addressed all parts of the task? Have you presented a well developed response to the questions with relevant supported ideas?

Then have you provided information in a proper flow in four paragraphs which flowed down properly and IR ideas logically presented?

have you managed your connecting words your linkers? such as while although besides on the one hand, on the other hand,

have you used a wide range of vocabulary vocabulary with mean not uncommon words, which you don’t know but words which you know how to convey precisely Alright,

skillfully use them and produce don’t produce errors in Spelling’s or invalid formation. Finally, the examiner is looking at your grammar,

how good it is your range of structures, complex sentences, compound sentences, and what are the majority of sentences, do they have any errors or not?

Are you making occasional errors or inappropriate errors? So, this is what the examiner is looking for. To tell you further. We are we are talking about writing we shall continue talking about writing, but also I’m going to invite to talk with me today.

Another Shahnawaz Shahnawaz is a very good student of ours who has done very, very well. I welcome him and I would request him to join me

in this writing class of leads. Caller Hi, Shahnawaz. Hi sir. Thank you for inviting me. Jana was wonderful to see you. Thank you.

Thank you so many congratulations Shahnawaz. You’ve done brilliantly. We are so happy and so proud. Yeah. Wonderful. So Shahnawaz please tell the students which band you got.

So overall, I got an eight Band Aid band which is wonderful guys and overall aid band is awesome Shahnawaz Did you expect any band actually

I expected seven but you got a do that but I got it for you wonderful. But did you work hard for it China was yes for

a month I dedicated to around two months one for the ice preparation with leap scholar and when I did my self study so I dedicated two months

and I made sure that that’s wonderful. You gave two months to the eyes exam that was very good that’s needed also it’s important Shahnawaz do tell the students about writing

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