Crack IELTS in first attempt: LeapScholar’s IELTS Masterclass

Hey Hi everyone I’m audible Yes, it is my screen was actually okay so many new people. So Good evening well weather Good evening everyone.

So how many of you are new here today?

Hi sir. Good evening yes and goodbye we’ll introduce myself and I’ll introduce you to the classes as well Don’t worry okay hi Sushma Hello. New here okay and Chica is new. So many new people say an RS Manu to SMA Kishore. Okay, great. So do we know what it is?

Or have you just joined the three session? Or are you actually aware about the exam? No ma’am Samia, my name is Samia. Create No, no, no. Okay, so you just joined the free session right? Then g Yes, they will have it Okay. Hi Yogesh. Welcome to the class.

It’s an example non native English speakers good. And okay. These are the free sessions. Okay, these are the master classes that we host daily at 7:30pm. And at 10am. Okay, to two times a day, we host these free master classes. And in all the classes we cover all the modules, right?

Like, we don’t cover all the four modules in a single class, but every day we try to cover a module like for example, today we are going to cover two modules, speaking listening, reading, and sometimes we host these sessions only for speaking sometimes only for reading.

So not only is my voice Not Audible properly, pretty damn audible. Yes, yes. perfectly. No problem. Okay, okay, great. Okay, so yes, also My name is Samia and some of you are asking. And yes, I now Now you should know what a masterclass is right.

It also yes as well. So we’ll be taking the class and he’s an expert, educator, athlete scholar. With more than 20 years of experience. Can you all believe it? 20 years. To he’ll be teaching you for free today. He’ll be helping you proctored exam in the first attempt.

Yes, great. I’m hitting shove. You did not miss anything. I was just giving an introduction of the class that these are the three classes briefly is our ambassador. He’s not an educator here. Okay, Kishore I think you heard about leaves. A little bit late that’s why you have to take your exam third time most of us do it it’s like all our students you know they clear their exam the first time

yes make yes definitely yes money Condor proper introduction of ice will be given to you You are We are waiting for others to join is just going to join in another one or two minutes. He will be telling you what it is before jumping to the modules, so don’t worry Okay.

Hi namitha good to know that you are new. Um, so now you should check your mail in that case also if you have a question related to the crash courses please messages in the q&a section. He’ll every everything is possible.

semina your tech stars visible to the host, their visible Sahil before preparing for is what you should learn you should not learn anything just go for modules and through so we’ll be telling you everything you are at the right place okay each one of you is at the right place Don’t worry hi Richard.

Gotham you cannot change the chart settings to everyone only we can do that but we won’t do that. He thinks are these master classes and we conduct daily regularly at 730 you can join us daily if you want to cover all the modules in these classes without you know cover grammar vocabulary everything

so the again this is not a course this is just a class about the courses yes from basics if you want to learn in that case please stay with us till the end and I will be telling you how you can join leap scholar how you can learn from the basics great Good evening Akshay yes

the Jeep you can definitely pass your test if you take these classes yes don’t do it English speaking grammar vocabulary everything is covered we don’t we you know we don’t only focus on the four modules we give you grammar classes as well to make you more confident we give you speaking classes

as well SRP Today we will be covering reading as well Don’t worry yes that I will even I was a student here It made me and it made me energetic confident and everything I let you know in the break how you can join Yes, practice material. Yes, definitely.

Also, every day in the end we share free giveaway gift with you know all our participants. So if you want to take your free gift today that will definitely help you for your eyes preparation. Stay with us till the end shivangi your texts are absolutely visible hi Nathan yes go mode Why not?

Praise then if I’m not audible there is something wrong with your connection I believe everything is fine here Yes, yes we everybody i’d lead scholar very helpful and you know, we really like to help each one of you. If you have any questions related to isles since even I took my exam recently if you have any questions, I’ll be able to like I would love to help you.

Please type in your questions in the chat box and we’ll begin the session once that was a joint is this going to join us? Yes, we how to enroll, how to join leap all these things we will be telling you in the break okay.

So every day we take a one or two minute break just to tell you just to give you all a brief about this session how you can join interested students can definitely join us for that please stay with us. Yes, yes muster? Yes, your messages are visible.

Yes, this masterclass is for beginners as well. If you know about ies then also you can attend if you do not know about it, then also you can attend. We do A lot of practice in these classes. Sometimes you know, we even unmute a few people and you know we interact with you. Yes, I remember I tried my best to. Yes, everyone is nervous before this speaking test. But the examiner that was very sweet, at least in my center, she was very, very, very sweet. So it went smooth.

Yeah, yes. alfonzo you can speak you just have to create a story. You can give as many ideas as you can in the queue thought it will not be an issue. Hello, so Good evening.

Good evening. Samia. How are you? I’m good. How are you? For me? I’ve got a very good score, guys. You can see the way she speaks. Right? She was an excellent student. She really did well in our exam. And she cleared it in the first attempt. So congratulate no is telling them out my feelings only

of god no, no, but yes, excellent. Very good. Samia. We are really proud of you. Yeah, okay. Welcome everybody. So nice to see you Massara. Thema may have begun. Can I request the new people to introduce Nana you are new Archie’s you are new Barbara, currently Sagar. shivangi Yeah, I can make out Attash. I’ll read the new names right if I’m right.

Je Pawan Suraj tre Agatha saga levena NGO?

Akshay, of course lovely to have you always Akshay. Hi that Jeep gone. Ronna Dr. witchita Welcome. warm welcome to all of you the red lava water nice name Reno’s Yeah, Muhammad oppression show a Broadway in all funds or you’ve been there earlier. Remember your name? Hello, Dave.

Hello, the page. wonderful to see you great guys. A very, very warm welcome angele Pooja Of course. Now you are with us through these Eva mother. mehbooba be shaped very, very wonderful. Great to see you. Lavina Ravindra, Amina Robin Bumi guru clad Okay guys, now we are very happy Today’s a Monday morning Yeah, Monday morning.

And I’m sure you are all very super excited as I am, as all of us are at least color grade maamoun Rana, great to see you from Bangladesh to and everybody from India, all parts of India. We are Indians, right.

And of course we are very proud of our nationality. But we do love to have the people from Bangladesh also as it’s a neighboring country. So wonderful. Great to have all of you guys. Certainly.

Okay, now I said like we are, you know, starting afresh on Monday on a gentleman to me date, a very auspicious day when one of our gods Christian Ji was born.

So all of us are aware of that right? What an auspicious day we are at today and how it’s so nice that you know, we are all there today. here together together. So guys now I would like to motivate you for a minute before beginning I would like to tell you that it is actually your choice.

You are here good side as you are here for an iOS class and iOS class to go abroad. You want to go abroad to make money to buy a big car to have the best vacations to make a big name. So make up your mind. I will do it. I am from India. I will make my country proud. I love India. I love my India and I will make it proud.

I will make my family my parents proud. So guys, give your eyes exam with the new determination. Rest assured we are there at least color to make sure that your dreams come true. All right with that let’s begin the master class today.

So are you all in hi Josh. Yes guys. Are you all in good George today on Monday? Yes, I hope give me a yes and a big thumbs up. big thumbs up guys.

Thank you wonderful. Great. Okay, let’s begin let’s begin the master class. Okay, let’s all dry and and cracked eyes in the first attempt.

Okay, the first time we do it, we shall clear it. What about eyes eyes is the international English language testing system, the world’s most popular English language test right. It is designed to determine

the level of the good grade dinner. It is designed to determine the level of English of all those people whose first language is not English. So isles is the most popular the most demanded test of English taken for study and immigration.

If you are wanting To go abroad to study you will be giving the academic isles great nyla pants, but if you’re going to migrate, either in UK, Canada, Australia, USA, New Zealand, then you have to give them general training, please rest assured, we support both the academic and the general, we support them, so you don’t have to worry if you’re a general student.

Okay. Now main thing is you should decide that whether you want to give a computer based or a paper based exam, because there are two ways you can give it. However, don’t worry, even if your speed is not very good, you’re an average typing speed.

You still can give the isles exam by computer. Otherwise on paper also, it’s exactly the same as far as the marking and content is concerned. You can register through IDP, alright IDP, which is governed by University of Cambridge. Alright, next slide, please. Samia.

All right, guys. Okay, now we will talk about different sections of Isles. Okay. We will talk about today’s a Monday, we will talk about two important sections of Isles. And I will try and give you some strategies by which you can definitely improve your score.

Now, let’s begin with reading. Right. I’m sure many of you are, like find reading challenging and you find reading you have fears in reading. Am I right? Am I right? Most of you find reading a little difficult. Yes. Okay. So now how do we solve it? Let’s try and think.

Okay, first two things. Reading Test is very long, right? In the sense, although it’s just for an hour, but to remain focused for 60 minutes is not easy. And you get 40 questions. 40 questions are not very enough, like, small, they’re quite a large number, you have to answer all the 40 questions.

I mean, there’s no negative marking, but you should answer to get a high score. Now you get three long passages. Okay. Three long passages in which these 40 questions are there. Each passage is about 700 words. That means in one hour, you have to read about 2700 words, which is not less, right. It’s a lot, a lot of many of amount, lot of large words you have to read. Huge amount.

So what do you do?

see many students feel that time management is very difficult in reading, because by the time they finished 30 questions out of 40, the bell rings, I mean, one hour is over, right?

You’re relaxed, guys, relax, chill, just listen to me. So by the time 30 questions are over, you might realize just 10 minutes are left, and you will be stressed. As it is the anxiety level is high on the exam day.

So what should you do? How should you manage your reading exam? How should you manage your time? So you should manage your time? Tell me guys who knows how much time per passage? How doesn’t matter? So me, I will help you definitely.

Yeah, how much time per passage guys? No, not 20? Not 17 per passage I said per passage. Yes. Wonderful. 15 2025. Right. 15 minutes on the first passage 20 in the second passage, 25 in the third. Why is this so? Because the passages come in order of difficulty, right? The first passage is easy.

The second is a little tougher. And the third is the toughest. Another strategy, please don’t give equal time to all the questions. Don’t listen to YouTubes where they say give one minute to each question. I’m not in favor of that. Okay, I’m not in favor of that.

I am in favor of leave more time for the difficult questions, right. So please listen to me. What you should do is, by the time you finish your practice before the exam, you will be familiar with the different types of questions which come in reading, right? Because there are 14 types of questions. Right, so you will be familiar.

Now you should know the format of the questions. Therefore, whichever ones you find easy, please attempt the easy questions first. Let’s say for example, you have been able to manage to clear 30 questions right? You are left with 10 difficult ones doesn’t matter you still have 20 minutes.

So even if you don’t know the answer, make a guess. Most of the guesses are educated guesses and you have options. So you have high chances your answer might be correct. And if you answer 30 questions correctly, then you will already be at a seven back right Is that okay? Next slide Samia, next slide.

So, these are the different types of questions right which are matching headings true false. Matching paragraphs, fill in the blanks summary completion, right.

These are the MC cues MC cues are quite easy. three options you have to choose one, right and normally the questions in the MCU they are always in order like you know, you will see that in the first paragraph or second, you will be able to manage it in the beginning only.

So you don’t need to worry at all although they are organized into different paragraphs yet you know, the answers to most questions are usually covered in the same part of the passage.

Okay. Okay, next slide, Samia. Yeah, now guys, I want to desert surprise element for you. I have we have with us a very interesting person, a student who’s done very well. Yes, Samia. Um, yes. So, yeah. Can we bring can we bring the person on please? Yes, sir. So guys, please do Welcome. Please do welcome.

As student of ex student of lead scholar who’s got a brilliant result. And we will share the reading strategies together. Right, whatever strategies are needed, we will share them together. I am the student. Now what are the main strategies?

The main strategies are skimming and scanning? You heard of these words? Right? No, that’s just joining. Yeah. skimming and scanning. So what is skimming? skimming is quick reading right, reading the passage very quickly. So skimming is wonderful man.

Pre skimming is quick reading right, very quick reading. So you will be quickly reading the passage I have with me not one. I have with me two students who are twins. guys. Welcome the twins. Dan and Nan. Welcome them.

Welcome them, guys. Well, I said twins. So we are doing wonderful many. Congratulations. Thank you. So what are your names? You must tell the audience.

My name is Stifel. And I’m done. I’m done. Okay, you’re done. So you’re both twins. Yes. Wonderful. And did you get the same band also? There is a point size difference between our bands doesn’t matter.

Please tell us what is the difference? I got 7.5. And she got seven. Okay, wonderful. But you both cleared eyes in the first attempt. Exactly. Okay, can you give my students some tips about reading? It says I can.

Yeah, please. Sir, when I was attending your class, you gave me a wonderful practice hires practices as much as possible. Correct? Because that was this super tip and try to manage time perfectly. My suggestion would be Christine 20 or 25 for the

year divide your time. 1520. Did you manage to finish the reading exam? Yes, that was extremely easy for me as a practice. And how much did you get into reading eights advantage? That’s wonderful. Wonderful. Okay, so did you skim and scan?

Is I used all the

strategies given by each column. I use skimming and scanning. Okay, I guess explain more. How did you do skimming and scanning together?

I first when I first received the question paper, I just skimmed the entire passage for this to get random idea about the passage. And then I went to the questions again to the passage. So I did like that. Okay, and

in the questions which words did you highlight? All the names place? Even Sanjay, this is okay. And then did you manage to find them in the passage? Yes, sir. Exactly. The exact words given or did you look for synonyms and mostly synonyms were given sir.

Exactly. You could make out the synonyms. Okay, so that means highlighting the words help you a lot. Yes. Then you went back to the passage and you tried to locate the words, right? Yes. And you located the words? Was it easy to get the answer?

Yes. It was extremely easy said once you spot how many questions you found difficult. And did you leave any? Or did you make a gift for some?

I attended every question with confidence or idle clay? I didn’t give you a single question. Why did you make again no Naidu Mater, gaffin. Sam is a one or two questions. It was a bit difficult to understand. So you told us to just give a guess if if you don’t understand a question, let’s give a guess.

Yeah. So it’s wonderful. And that was an educated guess. Right? Yes, yes. Okay. Wonderful. I think you must have got the right answer because you bought an eight band that is really good. Okay.

Now in reading what would you explain to them? What are scanning me? What do you feel? scanning is looking for small details. small details. Like the like the you mentioned, the name, the date, the place and even the small details. Look out for the small details right.

Even the small details can give us answers. Absolutely. They do find true false, not given difficult. They said at first it was difficult, but we added a picture Mm hmm. Stress To false not given

more carefully informative guesses YouTube leaves color video yes wonderful so did the overall deadlift color help you a lot differently we attended we paid for site crash poses and we had the full size listen to that they bought five courses for crash courses and one of the gotchas was your class Oh, I know that that’s wonderful. Did you buy them all in the same day?

No, yes sir. We have five number sir. So every week we will purchase a new Crash Course Okay, you have five numbers now of course with the same number they can buy five or more because of that you it was very helpful to you right? We just had two months.

So we are under your master classes as with the master classes and you attended five batches because you must have found them so reasonable didn t is compared to the market Yes. Isn’t we just paid on 150 for each class

155 class yes and today that my students are very lucky they are going to get it for half the price nearly Yeah, so they should buy I’m sure there should each buy five courses What do you not recommend them also we’ll definitely recommend these courses.

Now the many courses as you can buy two three at least you each month each person should buy speaking slots are very affordable. So yeah, purchase dozens of speaking starts Okay.

Now you have the voice room also. You know now you have the voice room you have the speaking clap. So I like you said speaking we have many chances at leaps color, right? What about writing?

Did you or not your writing evaluations help you?

Yes, sir. We had three writing evaluations and in the premium I think we got three more radio evaluations

Yes. Or you were in my premium batch also. So once we were in Oh, admission I believe in candidates in Seneca County. So we thought our guys congratulate them. The boat that twins are going to Canada right wins never get separated. Wonderful.

We are going for undergraduates are usually

very good at and you are also going through lead scholar, you’re counseling. We are going separate so just keep that. That’s wonderful. I’m very happy for you. Congratulations. You both do very well. In Canada in the college which college Did you say you are going to write your college? Okay, wonderful.

Did you give a computer based or a paper based exam with a paper based system paper based? Okay. Did you find it easy? Was it fine?

Yes. I was completely comfortable. Speaking was a bit difficult. So the teacher was a bit split off he didn’t even give us myself there was a

speaking exam on the same day because we had a different different days. Different days. Both of you got difficult examiner’s they said the same exam. We got the same exam.

Okay, okay. Why wonderful. Okay, that’s very good. I’m so happy to hear Have you applied for any scholarships also. Going into private, you already got admission in Seneca. So very excited to go pack your bags and leave. So we are on cloud nine.

Cloud Nine. Wonderful, very good. Okay. Congratulations, once again. Very nice of you to join in today’s masterclass, thank you so much to everybody on YouTube also for joining and watching them. Great.

Okay, thank you so much, guys, you thought, right, how nice and sweet they are, how they spoke to you and how they gave you reading tips and also tips on speaking right that they didn’t find the examiner difficult yet they got an overall good band.

So improving and the best part is they bought five courses, I think that was the most wisest step they took. So guys to improve your performance in the reading test, you need to practice reading a variety of English many journals, many passages. So when you plan to reading the passage quickly, skim.

That means read it quickly the first time in order to get a general idea of what it’s all about. Right? Don’t worry about words you do not understand. The reading passage will always have the answer. Okay. Now next slide Samia, great to see them.

Wonderful to see them. I’m sure you will be like one of them. You also buy two three courses, you will also get an 7.5 or eight band. All right. So sometimes the reading passage may include questions which you don’t understand.

So don’t worry about it. Highlight the word. Look for synonyms, make sure that the words are very good circle underline or highlight the key words. If you are asked to label a diagram you will find The words in the passage, be careful to copy them. Alright, if there are questions you cannot answer, leave them go to the next one.

And yes guys don’t leave till the end. We have a surprise bag of goodies material for you on reading and listening which will give you free. Okay, so please stay back. Okay, coming back to the courses, shall we show them the testimonial slide Samia before we begin this lovely practice, which we’ll do in two minutes.

So guys, we are going to have a look. This is a testimonial from Sharmila year who would like to read it out who would like to read it out among you? Please raise your hand please message. Yeah, who would like to read it out? Somebody else had read you came.

Okay Drupal, Drupal Allah Shalini Singh Shalini saying or Drupal any one of the two please call them and let them read out this lovely testimonial. Yeah. It’s a very good you will get Yes. I’m sorry. I have unmuted Dubai. Please.

Hi please read it out. Duvall, please read out the testimonial. Okay, you can get Shalini saying otherwise Samia. Sometimes students cannot unmute. This student has bought an 8.5 in Veronica’s batch and see there are three batches of her available.

So I want you to read what she said. How Veronica ma’am helped her all our educators are very good. Yeah, Samia is Shalini there. Yeah, I’m there so well. Okay. Shalini great. Shalini See, Sharmila year has got an 8.5 band, the highest band in India. Please read out what she says.

So Shambala is said I came across lips color while scrolling through Instagram just half a month before my exam. Even through the lips color eyes, plus course was very cheap. I was interviewed and I enrolled in a two week batch by Miss Veronica, which was the most essential part of my preparation. When I started off, I had no clue about the structure or method of grading.

I had a lot of questions and I believe that I didn’t need much preparation, but I was wrong. Even people with good language skills need some preparation as a breeding of isles is very specific, and we have to satisfy their criteria to score well.

I attended the course and learned a lot about the grading and also about how to easily score marks in the exam, ma’am, covered all the details about the exam and by the end of the course I had a solid idea about what to do and what not to do.

Apart from the mock test is in classes the speaking club proved to be really helpful. The master class conducted by leash collar was a bonus. If you are preparing for isles I recommend leap scholar 100% while

active Shalini Shalini Are you already a member or not with us?

NoI am not. This is my first class and I am very much excited for the other badges which I’m going to attendwonderful Shalini Yeah, we are just going to show you the courses because today you are getting them at an August end sale which is the last you will get them the cheapest price today just at 83 rupees.

Can you imagine that Shalini and all the students so look at our live champions. Look how so many students have bought an 8.5 and eight bands. The highest bands in India guys by leaps color. You heard the twins you read our testimonial now have a look at our batches. Yes Ronald today’s the last day of the discount.

We do just saw Dan noon and bam TV right. You saw both the twins. You saw the testimonial we are sharing a link and we are showing you the process. Before that Samia, please tell them what the process contain. And somebody can share a link Meanwhile, yes Samia.

Yes. So okay, first of all, I like to tell you that leap scholar also shares a lot of material for free. Okay, so please stay with us till the end. If you want to take your free giveaway gift today.

We’ll share it by the end of the session. And yes, August is just going to end and our August sale is up it is only and only valid till 9pm today that you can get this course only for 83 rupees, okay only for 83 and what all you will get, you are getting live classes one on one interaction 20 hours of classes will be there with that every week a mock test to evaluate your progress.

With that we’re also giving you speaking and writing evaluations Okay, proper one on one interaction with the educator will be there. You feel like you are taking a personality class.

With that I told you in the beginning also we give you grammar and vocabulary classes, doubts solving sessions. And in case you missed any class again, recordings of all these sessions will be there. Everything for 83 today.

Yeah guys, this is an unbelievable an irresistible price. Not even a McDonald’s burger, you will get ordered Domino’s Pizza for 83 rupees. Today is a chance for me to show them the courses quickly. Yeah, I would suggest each of you should buy at least two or three of them. Because today you’re getting them RuPaul not one by two, one in the morning, one in the evening.

You must get a good band in aisles tried Have a look. We have classes nine to 10pm at night also by Muhammad and mega. We have them in the morning by Victoria where Veronica Veronica who just read the testimonial right? You just read the testimonial of a student shamballa who’s got an 8.5

and Veronica’s batch 738 to 9:30pm 630 to 730 or 530 to 630. Right So guys, do tell me Who all are joining today, who are the lucky ones who will get a seat. Everybody is not going to be lucky to get a seat.

Also study material. I think we forgot to tell them about. Samia, you mentioned that’s wonderful. They don’t even need to buy a book. Yes.

Class Notes will be there you will be given a lot of homework I’m telling you before. And you know our educators will keep on checking your progress. You can ask you any doubts, any questions that you have on the telegram. You can message them on telegram any time of the day.

So yes, guys, this is a four week course or a two week course. Everybody guys who is joining man, Chetan Kumar join madaras ratash is joined if you don’t unmute anybody ratheesh please message us. affairs are joining God give me a thumbs up.

Give me a thumbs up quickly guys before you missed the bus before you gave soulmate. Very good. Wonderful. Yes. Very good. Send with G wonderful. Yes, Samia.

Yes. So I was saying, you know, when you click on the link that I’m sharing, you will be redirected to the website. And there you will see the cost will be 119. But we are offering this for you. We are offering this to you only for 83 rupees. But for that there is an additional step, which is applying the promo code.

Do not forget to apply the promo code au g which says August sale 30 and just writing it in the chat box as well.Yeah, okay, as long as I show them the process now please. Yes, sir. Yes, I’m Kate and tired Oh 483 everything for 83 rupees only.

You can choose your time you can choose your time ratheesh all the educators are very good, right? Yeah, you can choose any one Venus, whatever time suits you in for the time. Yeah, we are sharing the code in the chat box. Please have a look guys.

Yes, all four modules are covered. Please remember, you have a chance of a lifetime today, right? Yes at the APA it’s actually unbelievable against 10,000 in the market, you are getting it for 83 rupees today very very special day you are all very lucky to be here. Very lucky.

You can pay we are shared a link we have shared a link it will help you to get a seven band or eight band because you will be getting all the lectures you will be getting the study materials the notes unit speaking classes grammar classes mock test that’s how we will help you Yes guys, okay.

You understood Yes, it’s an August and sale second last day today 30th August. So join if you can. So,

yes, you will be getting a daily grammar class we conduct grammar classes two times in the morning and one in the evening you can join any class you know which is suitable for you and regularly there will be a grammar class apart from this class. So

I think Samia Veronica’s bash must be full by now. Yeah, so I take three batches that are just about 2030 seats left at the airport.

The advantage of buying multiple is you will get more speaking classes you will get more grammar classes your writings will be evaluated more, right. If you buy two courses or three courses, you will get more speaking classes you will get more grammar classes.

That is the advantage. Yeah, there is a morning class see eight to 930 Veronica yes Komal join immediately. The seats are getting filled up. They are all fast filling. All are very fast filling guys Okay, Samia, yeah. Should we show them the fast track also?

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