How To Make $25 Per Minute Online yping Text Earn Money

You can easily use your phone or laptop, find a spot where there isn’t much commotion, start typing, save your work, and then submit. And just like that, you will make 30 to $75 repeatedly, every single day and from any part of the world.

Keep in mind that in order to actually make money like this, you need to follow the steps correctly. So make sure that you watch this whole video, because we are going to be teaching you everything you need to know the signup process is 100% free, you won’t have to shell out any amount of cash upfront, and you won’t need any writing skills whatsoever.

Even copy and pasting is acceptable if you’re too tired to type on your own. Now, somewhere along today’s video, we are going to share with you another bonus website that is going to pay you twice as much as the first website.

But just by doing the exact same thing. It’s insane because not a lot of people know about this. And this might be your lucky day. Definitely stay until the very last second of this video to get all of our special and effective tips, as well as the bonus website that we mentioned a few seconds ago. Before we get right into today’s video.

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So like we said earlier, we’re going to be teaching you the step by step process to actually make this method work. First, we are going to need you to go on your mobile phones or laptops. If you are going to choose to work on your smartphone, then it’s best to note that this method works on both Android and iOS,

so you have nothing to be worried about here. For this video, we are going to be on our laptop and then on our default browser. Now, we want you to start by typing and typing And on this website, we’re going to have you complete a 62nd typing test.

Keep in mind that it is very important that you follow everything that we tell you to follow so you do it correctly. Now we want you to click on typing test. And as you can see here it says check your typing skills in a minute type away to join 150 plus million test takers.

If you go over here, you can choose how long do you want your typing tests to be. So you can choose from one to three, five or 10 minutes of test duration. If you go over here, you can choose what type of typing test you want to take.

So you can again choose from easy, medium, hard benchmark, tricky, blind story typing, themed or professional. Now, we want you to choose one minute and then easy text. And then we want you to click on third test, you will now see this page where the text that you’re going to have to complete will be shown on the screen, you can actually immediately start typing just below the texts that you’re supposed to follow.

And on the upper left, you will see the timer of one minute as well. You will also find that there are two modes, the normal mode and Pro mode. But since we’re just taking this as an example, we want you to just choose the normal mode. So as soon as you start typing, the timer will start ticking down and you will have to type as many words as you can or finish the whole text in one whole minute. We will show you how it’s done.

Then you See that once your time is up, it will start analyzing your results and boom, your test scores will be revealed, you will see your typing speed, the accuracy, as well as your net speed. You can also see pretty much your level as an average typist, too, which is pretty cool.

Now that we’re done with that, we want you to go to typing courses. In this part of the website, they offer free lessons as training so you can improve your typing skills.

You might be confused at this point. But you will need this for the websites that we are going to be telling you about, because your method of making money for the coming website will be typing. So this typing test step is a very crucial step.

Again, all of these lessons are free. So we highly encourage that you take these lessons up before proceeding to the actual money making website. Because the faster you type, the more money you can make. Let’s just get right into today’s money making websites, these websites are available worldwide, so you won’t have to worry about not being able to join.

Also, even if you just use your mobile phone, that is completely doable. There are no hindrances to this work at all. And you won’t and everyone can do it. Our first website is called Let’s just type that on our default browser.

And then you will be directed over here. This is what you’re supposed to see. As you can see, their methods are transcription we’re in you can earn $1 one point 25 cents per minute. And this position will require you to convert audio or video to text, which is what transcription means. The next one is captions, which also pays $1.35 per minute.

But here all you will need to do is caption videos that you will be assigned to. And the last one is foreign subtitles, which will pay you three to $7 per minute. And for this part, you’re going to need to translate videos with foreign subtitles.

Obviously, the last one pays more because it’s much harder than the first two that were mentioned. If you scroll down, you will read all of this information right here that will be very useful. So we suggest that you read all of this when you actually visit the site.

Now, we want you to go to the most bottom part of the webpage and find the become a freelancer button. And then go ahead and click that. As you can see, ruff claims that you can create a flexible work schedule, you can choose from hundreds of jobs and you get paid quickly.

You’re gonna then just fill up the signup form. And then of course, don’t forget to choose the position that you’re applying for, so that they can view you based on the position that you want to apply for. Once you’ve completed that, you can go ahead and click next and then get started. So just imagine earning $1.25 per minute. Let’s do a little math.

Now we’re on our calculator here. And the usual duration for video transcription is three to four minutes, right, so let’s multiply one point 25 by four, you will already make $5 for only one video. Now let’s say that you’re able to transcribe at least five videos a day, that’s five times five equals 25. So you can earn at least $25 a day if you plan on finishing at least five videos.

But if you can do more than you can earn much more. As you probably can already tell you make some decent money off of this and all you need is to transcribe. It says here that you can start making money in three easy steps.

Take a quick quiz to demonstrate your English language and grammar skills. Submit the transcription or caption sample which will be reviewed to ensure it meets customer quality expectations. And then if you are approved, you will be able to register and start earning right away.

And that’s basically it for this website right here. Make sure that you try this website and let us know how it goes for you. Our next website is going to be transcribe This is how it’s going to look when you go on the page.

If you scroll down a little bit, you will see that they do data annotation, transcription, translation and AI data sets. If you scroll down some more, you will see more information about the website and its services or offers. Now the process to sign up is pretty simple.

Again, no matter what part of the world you’re from, you may be able to apply and earn money, so don’t worry about that. Anyway, we want you to click on jobs over here. And this is what you’re supposed to see Next, you’re going to need to sign up per usual and we won’t go about that one by one because it’s pretty simple and those are your personal information. So just fill that up accordingly.

So if you can see there is a part Brittain, you’ll need to choose your transcription language, which is basically choosing the language you will be transcribing in. And then once you’re all done filling everything up, just click rate profile, and then that’s it you’re in.

So the typing test that we tackled earlier plays a really crucial role in this. Because for both rev and transcribe me, you will be made to submit your typing test results, and they have a standard for this that you need to pass or else you won’t be accepted.

So keep in mind that before anything else, you need to take the typing test first, maybe practice a little or take the test more times than one so that you can get the highest possible speed enough for you to pass your application. And that is it for today’s video.

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