How to Make A Website Free 2021 – Make Money Online Earning Without investment from Website

What’s up y’all people. So today we’re going to check the next service, which is also very popular in Ayase, you should try. So all the tools, all the information about this service, I’m going to tell you right now in this video episode, by the way, all the useful links will be under this video I’m waiting for your comments are waiting for your likes. And let’s get down to work right now on Squarespace is ideal for creating professional websites, it has the best quality designs and features on the market.

And while it can take a living any use suit, the final results are worth your patients before. So I haven’t we commend you for those. And you and for those who care about a design or have a bit of tactical skills, this is service is for you. I would say that you know Squarespace plans start at $12 per month, but we have different types of subscription plans. And you know, this website builder offers many templates. And right now we’re going to talk about these templates. So let’s check first of folder. And you knew

one of think door the most about the template that the content Italia qualify. And the next thing that the design is adaptive. So we’re going to check it here we have many containers, from online store to real estate properties for a blog or for a portfolio. So basically, we have many types for for the templates we’ve got right here. And I guess though, I will, I will choose the one which I liked the most, for example, let’s check preview of my cup. And I guess that we’ll start our work with the editor right here directly working with this template.

So the thing that which I adore the most, which I love the most is that we have actually this service has three designs, the design is adaptive is for the desktop or the tablet and for mobile phones. So basically this is for a desktop. So actually, it has three versions, you know, and this is very cool thing you know, because you have

prepared three adaptive design which are prepared for you. So this is the desktop version. And we can check that the borders right here. And right here they are shorter, the app and the Knox, which is very thin for mobile devices. So that is how it looks like. And I guess that we will start with this design. So amazingly, I can say that Squarespace editor is not a drag and drop editor, it’s it is much more straightforward, I would say and we are working only with each section, you know.

So basically, we need to change the element. And we are working directly with the section. On the left side right here we have this menu. This is the main menu. And of course pages here we guide main navigation, we can add some links up, we have a plus sign and by the way, we can add the other pages. So actually, it is responsible for the lay up or the pages and we can navigate directly with the help of this set menu section. And of course at folders links, store block, what do you want depends on you directly. The next we got a design section, which is responsible for a design of the template. And we can change right here. I would say phone. So working directly with a template, you can’t you can change the fonts.

So better thing for you a better option for you can even change fonts right here at the section and in the main section of the design. You can change bones size, how it looks like make it bigger or just make it smaller, I will say yup in this way. So it may look like this one. Yep. So we have main heading fairgrounds bottoms, basically all the same regard right here and say I was setting some dogs. The next one regards collars, animations, PCs and bottoms, image blocks. Basically, these things are responsible for design. so we can directly change what we want. Right here. So for example, we can check colors.

The main color colleague is this one, but we can add it Yep, so the next what we got is the main section this is commerce and marketing. So I’m talking about the marketing Yep, here we have email campaign SEO location management, we can add some announcement bars promotional pop ups, I would say we can add some social accounts stories such as Instagram or Facebook, we can have some URLs basically marketing is responsible for such things you know, and it’s possible to launch email advertising campaigns as I told you, which are automatic mailings according to pre prepared lead alejado as creates and you can create as many letters

as you like. And of course, there is a protection from subscribers pandalam statistics and mailing drafts and even useful articles on composing such letters However, they are English. And of course talking about and nowadays here we have a session of analytics. Um, I would say that you know,

Squarespace analytics session is very powerful and most well, no matter. Don’t mind that if we have right here on our desktop, where everywhere is zero on the sales and traffic on geography, because this is only a template. This is not a website. But you knew, I would say that is a multi level analysis right here at Squarespace and includes statistics on sales, traffic, geography, visitors product sales, bedding, draft sales, funnel information, traffic surfaces, search keywords, activity log, everything you can set up. And you can observe right here.

And I guess this is a really nice teeth for each person who would like to prepare to make to create a personal web page. So right now, I guess that we will work directly with the template. So clicking directly to this bottom, you have we will work with this template. But talking about price, I can say that stunning templates optimized for desktop tablets and more mobile devices. And this is a really cool option. And you know, Squarespace. I would say mobile apps allow you to edit pages, blog posts and commerce functions on the go. So ability to restore you have the ability to restore, deleted pause and pages for up to 30 days.

And of course, Squarespace is best work me for you if you are interested in this video episode. So and also Squarespace is great for photographers, artists, and anyone who loves design and wants to create a website to look as good as the content they are showing up online. So this is where Squarespace shines you know and if you don’t have high quality images Don’t be so nervous because you may choose one from the template or you may upload from

three freeze talks. So as you wish, but remember that I would say that in my opinion, your images should be high quality. And of course, just the extra information that mostly through there and you know, after 14 days of trial, more than one to 2 million of people pay to give using Squarespace and right now let’s move on let’s talk about this editor and as I told you that here we have a sections yep and this is editor we will work with this editor directly with each section.

So here we have the header So clicking directly right here we have main settings and here we can that’s how we work for example, this is the desktop version This is a mobile phone version baade right now we are working for the desktop. Oh excuse me This is for the tablet. So we can upload the logo but unfortunately right now I don’t have a logo. So whatever and right here we can change or just to give the name of our side to give us a title. So let it be let it be let it be you.

So like this one. Okay. So that so the next Do we have elements and here we can add a bottom or just hide this bottom. So he depends on us. So show I can size the bigger. Yeah, or it may be small, but you know everything. It depends on you. So that is how you can work by the way really in two seconds. Actually between each section here we got one we have a bottom which is responsible for adding section. So basically clicking directly to this element we can add the other section such as FAQ us location menu music writing gallery images quotes, whatever you want. So but today I don’t want to add some sections here the same working directly with this section we have I would say we have

the hitting number one and we can create it in this way and you know it looks for me it looks better and we can maybe balls

or not balls. So basically that is how you work with with the Text body you know it looks like in your WordPress So, the location is almost the same or if you would like you can even delete it so for example confirm well we got like here so that is how it looks like so here we have a beautiful girl on the next here we have a bottom I guess the bottom is not good right here so I will remove it Okay so that is how it looks like and no we got the next section is about the next like maybe a little kind of block you know we have the image we have the other text so that is basically how you can work with the with this all of this section so you can remove them or just you get add right here. The other section let’s add add for example a quote my lonely one section, okay, it may have the tax supports, let’s check the section of the texts and Okay, let it be like this one bad bad, but I would say that it all begins with an idea of okay. Okay, on thisI hear

this way. Oh, well, I would say this. So, I guess that is how it looks like. The next thing you know, begins with an idea at reception and let’s talk about the colors it may be white, minimal or dark, dark ball, black.

Okay, so basically that is what we got right here. The next section. So basically you hear talking about Squarespace that it’s much more straightforward. But for example, unlike Wix, yep, Wix, we have drag and drop editor. And there we can successfully drag any elements we would like to buy here, you know, is much more straightforward, I would say.

And the extra information Squarespace service has the app and you can even add it to your website from directly from your mobile phone, publish blog posts, update your business hours or just add some settings you know, not only in the template, I mean, all of a sudden so see you and nowadays do checks to check all of the details about your website. Yep, it doesn’t worry if you lost your internet because if you go online unexpectedly and unfinished work we’ll still be waiting for you when you come back and this is very nice thing so I highly recommend you to start to your personal journey of creation your website with Squarespace because it’s not so difficult and right here you can practice will be good for you service or you you want to work with

it. So guys, this is the end of this reviewing video I waiting for your personal opinion. What do you think about Squarespace editorial? What do you think about my videos which are made for you? So I guess that the next video will be about will be about the next service which you can recommend me and comments because I always read them. And I tried to be very useful for you. So, um, I guess we will see each other very soon. I waited for your likes and would you for your comments and thank you for your attention.

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