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Hello and welcome to Pepe where we revolutionize how you prepare for iOS. Today I am with Manoj Kumar, another success story from preppy if I would like you to introduce yourself to everyone.

Hello, good morning, Manoj I’m currently working professional based out of Saudi Arabia. And I’m basically from the state of Kerala in India. And I have been in Saudi Arabia for the last four years.

All right, and Manoj has cleared his isles test in the very first attempt, he cleared it for the general training test, I would like you to tell us your scores.

I scored See, my listening score was eight, I scored nine in reading, and seven each in writing and speaking. And I overall score was eight.

That’s a wonderful score, especially a perfect nine in your reading. So we would really want to know your strategies for each of the modules. How did you prepare for listening, reading, writing, as well as hearing? So please go ahead.

Well, first of all, thanks, Anita. And regarding my strategies, listening, see from day one onwards, I’ve been pretty comfortable with the listening module. So I was confident that I could score anything above 7.5. But, yes, there was no kind of lot of practice behind this, I used to make sure that I practice at least three to four tasks every big.

Yeah. So it, basically because of my schedules here. But yes, very important part was the classes that I used to attend those were really helpful in understanding the strategies, and how do we approach each and every task. Coming to reading, that was quite a tough one from day one onwards for me, but I made sure that I get a minimum score of seven in reading.

So I used to put in lot more effort in reading as compared to other modules. And I used to go through the prescribed books, which were keeping. Yes, whatever doubts, I think, not only me, every student in the class has been given the freedom to go back to their mentors, with whatever, because small town, so that actually played an important role.

Coming to writing is the assignments that were given to me, the whole class, I used to try and do almost every module however, I believe, I have for writing one I had submitted close to 10 to 12. us and essay writing, which is task two, I think I had done around 15.

Because that was to be focused more, because that’s more weightage. Yeah. So the essay part, I had done a bit more like kind of almost 15 essays. And the good part is that we used to get, you know, the feedbacks. Yeah, no, no, not immediate, but it used to take like one or two days on an average, to get the feedbacks, and those feedbacks, I used to make sure that I put it in my next assignment.

And then I submitted rather than just submitting it every time. So So probably two, that actually helped me. And even today, if I look at my first submission, and the last submission, I can actually make out the difference in that.

And that is what we wanted to, you know, show the students that there would be a change a drastic change from your first writing from your first submission to the last one or to the latest one that you have submitted. So it’s a gradual process, but

it took almost almost a month to see that difference. But yesterday I feel that yes, that is that the difference is that so now now it is kind of it comes naturally when you write your emails also.

Okay, so basically is trying to tell you that the learnings that you have from your iOS coaching or taking the isles test will later on be implemented in your office email. So whatever emails you write at office, so that’s also going to be reflected there. So it’s a win win situation in Both your life and for your exam. So it’s going to

take you a little bit because that that kind of becomes a practice for you. Although it’s you do that only while you write your letters for submission, but eventually you come up writing those in your regular emails as well,

I’m just guessing. So you’ve started incorporating a lot of connectors in your emails,

not only go in connectors, at times, I write complex sentences, and then I make it a bit easier for people to understand. So that’s that. So and coming to speaking modules, like six mostess. And tutors, they gave us immediate feedbacks.

The moment I complete my first task, is to get a feedback saying that these are the corrections, these are the plus points and these are then minus points, so that I could implement in the second one. So that way, I had six monitors. And those are really helpful. And, yes, overall, I think it’s more about practicing. And whichever modules we feel is difficult, or it takes time for us to complete, I think those are the ones which we need to focus more.

So thank you so much for the strategies, I would now like to know how did you manage your time as a working professional? So a lot of times students ask this question that I’m working from nine to five or nine to nine at times, how do I devote time? Or how do I manage the classes as well as the practicing? How do you?

How did you do it?

My major time devoted was during the weekends. There, I used to make sure that I spent at least three hours in a day. But while on the working days, I used to spend like one hour in the morning. And of course evenings we had a class. So that one and a half two was, I used to try and attend every time but because of my schedule set times I have missed those classes as well. But even though we missed those classes, good thing is that the recordings were available to us for now, if he had to refer later on, so those who are actually helpful, and especially during the last one week, then I could access all the recordings for whichever classes I had missed. Those are kind of very helpful. And whatever doubts I had in those ratings, I could always give a message and go to the tutors and they were very much ready to

perfect. So this was paper based or computer delivered. I took computer delivered test. Okay computer delivered. So any pros and cons, any benefits, any disadvantages,

anything that you would like to share?

advantage is that there is always a scope for correction, especially in the writing module. You can always correct if you think later on that, okay, you have to modify the sentence, you can do that. Unlike in a paper based test, where again, you will have to wrap the entire stuff and then write it again. I think those who are pretty comfortable using a laptop or a computer, I think it’s always better to go for a computer based test. Absolutely. Okay,

so anything?

Yeah, go ahead. Go ahead. Yeah, no, the only only advantage I think in paper based test, I believe so is that after the listening test, we are given some time to 10 minutes to write your answers from the paper to the answer sheet. So but I think whatever we hear during the listening test, since we don’t we can’t access it again. I think it’s not that

you memorize it. You can’t memorize the answer memorize it, although it’s only 40 coaches, but we cannot memorize all those 40 guys because a lot you can memorize it all. Yeah, absolutely fine. So my last question to you would be any advice, suggestions, recommendations or tips that you would want to share with the future aspirants? See, I was in my class when I was attending the class I think most of

the students are probably Have a student?

Well, they have they are good at one or the other module. So I think it’s more about doing practice, the more we practice, the better it is for us. And I think before we book our test date, it’s better that we be comfortable with all the modules.

And the best thing about the prep team is that we are given the freedom to approach our tutors, anytime we just send a message and we get a reply. Of course, we have to give a otherwise, yes. And and I think the way the classes are taken, it’s, they make sure that every student is clear with the topic with the strategies. So that way, I think, as far as because this is the only class I have attended.

I have not approached any other class before this being my first attempt. I think that’s a wonderful approach. Because in such a Yeah, it’s, it’s a in such a scenario, it’s very important that students are comfortable taking those modules understanding them clearly. So I think that’s perfect.

Okay, one bonus question here that just popped in my head, any misconceptions that you had, which were broken down after taking our classes or After finally taking the test and scoring your desired band scores? Because there are a lot of myths going around in the market.

There are a lot of misconceptions that a lot of students have about iOS and also usually about IDP and British Council, which is no longer the case in India, because it has been acquired now. But there have been a lot of misconceptions, any particular misconception that you had, and that kind of scared you. But you figured out that okay,

this is just to purchase a steak?

No, not really, actually, I, the thing is that I never get used to any kind of misconceptions. Okay, my thing, what is my first attempt, let me just understand what the concept is. And then I’ll go for the misconceptions.

Perfect strategies for anyone else who is, you know, just starting off, take this advice from manwich, that you should not be listening to anyone who’s giving you unnecessary information about aisles, either listen from a trained professional, just hear them out and understand what needs to be done.

Or just close your eyes, shut your ears to all sorts of nonsense related to aisles and all sorts of nonsense that’s prevailing on the internet also. So those don’t go through anything that’s not coming from an authentic source.

A lot of times students come up to us, and they would just come up with some random factor, you know, and I won’t even call it a factor for to mithali and including SSRIs. So you just start like pupo bonkers that okay. I haven’t heard that story.

Like, no, since I hadn’t I didn’t have much idea about Isles, of course, it’s just my brother, who once told me that it’s a pretty easy test, you don’t have to go for all those things. Because he is currently in us, he has gone through this process.

So he I know for me, I just had to talk to him. And then I think it was all about joining repeat clauses. And what that say, as I said, you know, whatever doubts, however silly or big it is, no, they were very open in clearing it, clearing our doubts.

So it’s more important that whether it be our first or second attempt, we always go with what the tutors say, because they have much more experience than us. So it’s always better. We listen to them and just be in the class as if you’re there for the first time. So that’s what I did.

Great. Great. Great. Thank you so much. Manoj, thank you so much for the insights. Thank you so much for the tips and strategies, heartiest congratulations on your result on your scores. And again, amazing scores, I would say, for the very first attempt, and perfect nine readings. So good job.

Thank you so much. And, well, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the whole team of revenue. You guys have done such an amazing job. It’s not because I’ve scored so but I think I’ve heard many, many of them saying in the group that although they were into other classes previously, but this is something different.

So my God, thank you so much. That means a lot. That means a lot. There’s a long way to go. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. We try to maintain utmost quality, we try to address all the doubts as quickly as possible and complete everything on time.

So that’s our mantra. That’s what we follow and try to follow always. So yeah, thank you so much for your kind words. And thank you so much for sparing time. Thank you so much for being with us. Bye

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