IELTS 2021 (NIMT) 2021 By Leap Scholar National IELTS Mock Test

critics said we are live we can start. Okay, great. Good morning everybody. Know the students are saying they can’t see us. Yeah, even I can see through the link. Yeah. Now it’s there. It’s there.

Should I begin?

Yes. Good morning, everybody. warm, warm welcome to all our students and our test takers for the National mock tests organized by leap scholar.

We are very fortunate to have with us so many enthusiastic and talented students who will be participating in this mock test, the purpose of which is to help you know how you would be fairing tentatively in your actual exam, and also what steps you need to take to improve your band.

I will now be sharing some lines of inspiration after which me and Manisha man will share some strategies and tips for the reading and listening section followed which you will be doing the participating in the test and one he will share the instructions for that subsequently.

Now, the first step to success is to believe believe in life. Believe in your dreams. believe in miracles Believe in yourself. If you dream about getting a good band in isles believe you have the ability to make it happen.

isles is your passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.

There are always doors of opportunity opening for you. But you have to decide through which doors you have to enter to see what’s on the other side. The biggest source of motivation, I our own thoughts. So think big and motivate yourself to win a road have speed limits, banks have money limits, and exam has time limits, but thinking has no limits.

So think big guys and chase your dreams. Life has no remote, get up and change it yourself. change your attitude. attitudes are like tires. If they are flat, you have to change them or you are stuck in the middle of nowhere. Don’t think about why something may not work, why I will not get a good band in I’d rather think about it working happenings.

visualize your result with an overall eight bank pay with this. I begin the session today. And I would like to share some strategies on reading first. In reading you know the exam lasts for an hour 60 minutes, you get 40 questions, and you have to read three long passages, which are about 2700 words.

The passages range from the descriptive and factual to the discursive and analytical. These are taken from books, journals, magazines, newspapers, these have been selected for a non specialist audience, but are appropriate for people entering university courses.

Now, the strategies actually would differ you know, from person to person, we will definitely share strategies which are common, but everybody’s brain works differently, right.

So you will have to use your own technique, the more common one and the most important thing to understand is time management in reading, reading, you have 40 questions and you have just 60 minutes.

So what most people students do is that they try to spend one minute on each question which is the strategy which you will be reading about, but like I said, you know technique each to his own.

We personally feel and recommend that you should answer the easy question first, attempt the difficult ones later. Otherwise, you might find yourself caught up in like attempting about 20 questions, I mean, leaving out 20 questions and realizing that only five to 10 minutes are left that will increase your anxiety level.

Therefore, try to attempt the easy questions first, and leave time for the difficult questions so that you are able to answer all 40 questions. Another strategy is that you have three passages and you have 60 minutes.

So instead of dividing your time 20 2020 please divide your time in the order of difficulty. The passages come in the order of difficulty, so the third is normally the longest and the most difficult. Therefore spend 15 minutes on the first passage 20 on the second and 25 on the third.

This way you should be able to manage Your time well and finish the questions in time. Now preview the question first. While reading your brain is working hard to create a picture of what the passage is about, you can save your brain this trouble by reading the questions quickly before you start reading the passage.

The questions provide you with an outline of the contents of the passage, which then allows you to read more quickly because you know what to expect.

So however, don’t be tempted to start answering the questions immediately without taking the time to skim read the passage. Next strategy would be to read the introduction first, conclusion next and the body paragraph last, after previewing the questions, you can start reading the passage.

Now what is the best way to approach the passage, we suggest you read the introduction first, skip the body and read the conclusion.

It’s easier to read the body when you are already aware of the main idea of the paragraph. Now don’t read every sentence of the passage you are not even required to do so. Another thing before you start, you know giving the exam you must practice reading, reading is a skill and you need to polish your skill.

How do you polish your skill before giving the exam, you read a lot read as much as you can set a goal to practice reading every single day.

So if you don’t read, you know your speed will not be what it should be, and you will be left behind. So skimming of course, is a very important strategy. Skim is when you read a text quickly Your eyes are moving through them very quickly in order to get a general idea.

how does skim reading actually work?

The technique is to keep your eyes moving forward and avoid back skipping when you know that there is a word you don’t know. Another technique is to look for the main ideas which are usually in the beginning of each new paragraph. Once you have found this idea, you don’t really need to read all the supporting sentences.

A quick look at the final sentence can help you confirm is that main idea was correct one right? So you know it’s important to read the questions go back to the passage. See skim through but remember, only skimming won’t help you skimming is very important, but followed with scanning and other techniques.

Rich Manisha man will now be sharing with you right? So what do you Manisha man?

But Morningside Good morning, everyone. Thank you for atossa for the wonderful explanation to the students on how reading is like what scat what skills they should practice, definitely it is scanning and skimming and many other techniques definitely follow when they are planning to do when they are writing the reading test.

So I know many of them have been eagerly waiting for the test to begin, but we just wanted that you should know a couple of things. And of course, it is coming from people like apple. So you should you should take the suggestions that Apple says giving.

So yes, there are things like scanning and skimming apart from that you should also check a couple of things managing your time, sir, as already mentioned, how you should manage your time and also read the sentences and read the questions very carefully because it’s the that’s where the entire question lies.

So if you’ve understood your question where you will know what is to be answered, and when you know what is to be answered, you definitely have a fair chance of getting the correct answer. So basically, it’s all about identifying the information.

First of all, once the question is all about and then identifying the same information from the passage, you’re scanning, skimming, to go through your information and use scanning to locate the information and sorry, both of these techniques go hand in hand.

And once you have read once you have skimmed you have once you have scanned for the information you have got the answer, you should also check whether the spelling is correct or not. So you would be penalized if you write incorrect spellings.

Especially we come across a lot of people who write grammar as g r AWME r. So basically your test begins from there itself that you should be aware of all the basic spendings you cannot write correct.

So incorrect spellings. And again, you should also check whether your grammar don’t sentence the word that you’re trying to write in the maybe in the blank. does that fit grammatically into the sentence right?

So one thing is spelling correct your check and check with your Spelling’s and with your grammar and also spend some time checking whether what you have answered is correct or not. Okay. Yeah, Daddy, can we go to the next slide? Yes,

so, one quick look into what a reading should be all about and how you should track entire reading passage is first thing is skim through the passage very quickly skimming this definitely going through the main idea and there are there are a lot of detail or specific informations which may not be required in certain question type.

So, what question type requires what kind of technique? Understand identify that, once you have skim read the questions and identify the type of question whether it is a flowchart whether it is a diagram, or is it a match heading? Is it a match information?

Or is it a summary question? So, as different questions require different strategies at times, so you should know what the question is all about, and then find a key word keyword because without you of reading, you have read the question, you definitely cannot look for the answer.

If you completely read the passage and then you go to the question is like, again, going back to the passage and regressing finding out the information.

So you don’t need to do all of that and spend a lot of time so find your keywords, first go to the passage, look for the information in the passage, scan, use scanning for that, and not just that particular sentence, but read around that sentence about the sentence below the sentence, what it is all about.

Sometimes it is some information partial information is before it or false. It is following the particular sentence, find your answer. And when you’re doing that, please ensure that you are not overspending time on any particular question.

Because every question has one Mark only, there is no two mark or three mark for any particular question. So no question is worth the extra time. So don’t over spend your time on any particular question. Move on to the next question very quickly, right? Yes.

And so that’s about leading. And now let’s move and understand very quick information on what listening test is like. Yeah, so yeah, we have already explained this skimming and scanning. So let’s move to listening. Yeah, listening is one of the easiest.

And we know that most of the students love solving a lot of listening questions. Yes, so listening, a very quick information that there are four parts part one, part two, part three, and part four.

The first two parts are are on everyday conversation, it could be a telephony conversation when you’re booking a table at a restaurant or renting an apartment. And the second is a monologue where one person is giving you certain information, it could be a CD where you get the guidelines.

So it’s mostly about guidelines, it could be a company guideline, and it could be a guideline on how our particular program or event is going to be like, third and fourth part are academic.

And hence you will find professors, educators and students discussing academic topics in the third section and the fourth section. It’s just one monologue, right? So the difficulty like level is progressing. Hence, the first two are easier as compared to the third and the fourth one.

So most of the students, they definitely have a challenge in the third and four. So what to do in the third and the fourth, you need to be more focused, be more attentive to every information, you also need to be attentive to all the distractors there are going to distract you with a lot of other information that is not tested.

So just make a note of them be attentive look for all how they are moving from one information to the other. The entire test will take 30 minutes and just 10 minutes you get in the paper test to transfer your answers. Yes, yes.

how do you tackle a test?

The listening test? First of all, you include the next slide, please? Yeah, there are two different things here first is accent you should be aware of the different action the British accent Canadian and Australian accent is slightly very enhanced. They’ll help you to identify what how a person speaks.

Especially if see if we if you know how a person speaks are an Indian would speak in odd as a vibration when you speak in our but when an Australian or British speaks pronounces and our there’s not the vibration and it’s a guttural sound. Right? So you need to be careful of the accents.

pays a video of audio. Yes, of course it will be in that increasing pace. So also, yes. Make sure about how you attempt all the four parts and distractors as I already mentioned in the previous before this, right.

So listening is one of the easiest and it gives you a fair chance to score a nine a complete nine band if you asked just a little attentive and focused Yeah, so how scholarships can be avail and what is the minimum band Oh, well, I think we are getting a lot of questions on scholarships money cuz me.

I thought we once we are done with the tapes, I will explain everything to them in the chat that you will be explained everything.

Yeah, yes. Okay, so we can also go to the next slide. Let’s see if we have something more for them. The slides, okay. Yes, one more important thing when you are doing the listening is multitasking, you are listening, reading and writing all together.

So you’re listening for the information at the same time you are reading the question, and you are also answering the questions. So this is multitasking and you need to do all together, you cannot just listen for the information and then write your answers after that, that would not be prudent for you to do.

And of course, there are different variety of question types. certain questions like maps, or diagrams, or rather MCU questions are more challenging than the other questions. So the rest of the question the easy questions, you should never miss on to any easy question, so that you have high chances of answering the read listening questions correct.

Apart from that the other skills that are tested and listening is listening is basically our receptive skill. So how well you understand the information.

Don’t use your own assumptions. Even when you are making a prediction for your answer. Don’t make specific predictions that okay, they should be the day they should be the name, you just make a prediction that you’re you’re going to listen for a name, so you will pay attention to what name is being spoken.

If they say that, if you guess that there’s a number that you need to write over here, it could be a date, it could be the currency, it could be the price of a product. In that case, don’t start predicting that it would be 30 or 40, or 50. Just listen for the number that the speaker is speaking about.

So be attentive to the details and one more protip specially for MC cues. Either the information is right in the beginning or at the end. So there’s a lot of distraction there’s a between this too. And if you’ve missed a very initial talk, you’ve missed on to the information.

And by the time you feel that Okay, now I’m done and I’m not getting the answer. That’s when the speaker is going to give you the information. So don’t get distracted even for a second keep yourself into the test for every every minute and every every second.

Right. So if there are further questions we can take up on listening and reading if student have Oh, yes. Follow all the instructions. Yeah,

yeah, man. One question someone has asked that in listening if he writes Spelling’s in American English, will we be penalized?

No, no, see, you will not be penalized whether you write American or British but you have to ensure that your entire test has to be in one.

In either in American or in British. You cannot write partial Spelling’s in American and the other half in the British spellings. It has to be just one. So yeah. They have everything. We can move on, I think Yeah, yeah, we can move on to the test. Yes.

Yeah. Thank you so much, sir. And Manisha ma for sharing the tips and tricks with the students. I think, you know, they are very grateful and you can wish them luck now.

guys very much. I hope you all do extremely well, which we are sure you will. All the best.

Yes. All the best to every one of you all. And I I believe that you all have been preparing for this national isles mock test because I we know that how important the scholarships are for you all. So wishing you all the best and break your leg. We’ll see you. We’ll see who is the winner today.

Thank you, ma’am. Thank you, sir. Thank you so much. Thank you. Okay. Great, everyone. Welcome to lead scholars nationalised smoke test our Please listen to these instructions very, very carefully.

If you don’t listen to this, it will be very difficult for you to give the iOS exam. I hope you all can hear me clearly. Yes. Yeah. Awesome. Great. So you are required to join the session on time by session?

What do I mean?

I mean, we will give you a website link. We will put it on the YouTube chat and we will put it on the description also. And you have to go to that website and join it on sign.

This test is a time to test you can’t take forever to finish the test you have to finish it in two hours according to the timings of the isles exam. In order to get a hassle free mock test experience, please make sure that the internet connection is stable.

You need a stable internet connection and you should attempt the test through your laptops or desktops. You need not download any app for this test at all. You just have to go to the website which we will share with you. And yes, this test is for reading and listening modules only.

For this speaking and writing modules, please download leap scholars is at There are many resources on that app to help you out.

Kindly go through the instructions regarding the format of the mock test carefully. Now, please listen to this carefully when you get the link, you have to go to that link. And at the very start instructions will be given. Please read those instructions carefully and follow them carefully.

If you don’t, you will face issues in the test. Right. I hope all these instructions are clear for everyone. Before I send you the link of the test, I’m going to explain the scholarship part. First scholarship part again, please listen to me carefully. How will you win?

What is the scholarship all about? First of all? So through this scholarship, we want to help the students who have booked there is booking already there is exam slot. And we will reimburse the winners with the amount of booking of the test. Right.

So if you have already booked your iOS test, you know that it easily costs 14 to 15,000 rupees, which is not a small amount. So all the smart, bright students who are here with us today, we are going to help them out by reimbursing the IRS booking fees. But please note that of course everyone will not get the scholarship.

The top scorers will get the scholarship. What do we do you need to do to win this scholarship, you need to attempt today’s mock test with full diligence.

You have to do very well on this mock test because you’re banned on the mock test will be one of the factors which we will use to decide who is winning the scholarship. Second, you need to upload your isles booking receipt. I will give you one link on which you have to upload the is booking receipt.

Right upload your receipt there so we know that you have already booked your Isles. And that’s it. That’s all you have to do. Tonight. 11:59pm is the last day to submit your isles booking receipt. Right. And then over the next couple of days we will check all your pads and we will give this scholarship to the highest scorers.

Rashmi is asking what if I didn’t book is and I won. I’m here this scholarship is only for students who have already booked the aisles. As you can understand we are giving the reimbursement for the booking fee. So we can only give it to the students who have already booked the aisles.

So I want to just show you guys once the last time they noticed, so tell me if you’re able to see I’m going to show them oh by contract. Yeah. One second.

So can you see last time windows? Yes, he has given me Yes. So hope you all can see last July when we conducted this test one two months back on most need to gas was the number one winner. She had the highest band and she performed really well in the mock test.

So we give her the scholarship worth 15,000 rupees and that she can use to reimburse her is booking fees. second prize was won by Shruti Gupta, she won a scholarship amount of 10,000 rupees because she performed really well in our last mock test. third prize was won by Sheena de Shankara she won 7500 rupees.

And they appeal and ishwari sorry, our q&a Sherry, she won rupees 5000 as she was the fourth ranked in the smoke test that we did last time, we would like to give special attention to underscore Buddha and of ponies for who also performed really well in the mock test last time, but it is to last the top rankings by a few months.

All in all, all the students performed really well. And we are really happy that we could help so many students with their isles fees. Now I’m going to share the website with you guys. Please please note this carefully. Yeah, so you can see it right. Yes, yeah. Okay, perfect.

So now even the students will be able to see it. Yeah. Okay, great. All the best and you all may be good guys, best of luck.

Hey everyone, I’m really sorry for the OTP problem, we use another service provider for the OTP thing. And sometimes they can’t handle the load of otps. So now you guys must have got a lot of OTP is right. So please go to the website, which is there in the YouTube description.

The video description which website is there, go there once again, refresh that page, enter your phone number. click on Send OTP you will be able to do it. Okay, forfeits. Done, guys.

Go to the website, which is in the description or to the website in the YouTube description box or go to the pinned comments in the YouTube tab. Right go to the pinned comment in the YouTube chat over there, and then enter your phone number. Click on Get OTP refresh the page you will be able to do it.

In case not wanting them. They can probably ping us again.

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