IELTS Speaking Practice Lessons on the topic of Happiness part 1

How are you today?

Are you happy? I hope you’re happy because today’s lesson is all about happiness. And it’s going to be a very interesting lesson, we’re going to be looking at different parts of vocabulary collocations.

We’re going to watch a nice video looking at some idioms about happiness and being happy, and different questions that we may want to answer when talking about happiness. Of course, we’ll finish up with some model answers talking about that.

It’s great to be here. I’m in a very jolly happy mood today. I don’t know why it’s raining outside. We’ve got a storm coming across the north of Spain, wreaking havoc on the seas of by the coast and the beach. But inside It’s nice, it’s warm, it’s cozy.

And you’re here. What more could I possibly want? Fantastic. So listen, it’s it’s nice to be here. I’m just going to say hello. Let me see who is here. ck Wong. Nice to see you. Danny James. I’m very well thank you. How are you? azima Nice to see you here as well. singie Hello. parabolic feelings. Nice to see you again. I see sir. Hello there.

And also Rizal Hello sir. Hello Rizal. Opera, great. All lower Damilola. Almost pronounced it right. Nice to see you here as well. Brilliant. Quite a lot of you coming in. It’s great from all around the world from Vietnam and try a Tron Kwok.

We’ve got Mukesh Kumar. Great. And it’s as the back from Uzbekistan. Nice to see you. Fantastic. Hello, who else is here rising from Bangladesh. Hello there. Bushra from Sri Lanka. We have people from all over the world. Excellent. And Keith from Manchester, but actually, Keith from Spain today. Not today. This is where I live.

I live here for the beautiful rain that we get. People say. But keys I thought Spain was sunny and hot. Well, yes. And no. If you live in the north of Spain, it can get quite chilly. And there’s a lot of rain. So we’re used to the kind of the drizzly days, the rainy days where it’s pouring down.

And I love the rain. I grew up in Manchester, which is the wettest city in the UK. And I think it’s just fantastic. I love I love the rain. Anyway, if that’s one of the things that makes me happy. I’m talking about happiness today.

As you can see, this is our topic up here. We’re going to be discussing different things just to say if you are on YouTube, please remember, do subscribe to the channel and turn on that funny notification button. So you can find out about more videos when I release them.

Usually on a Saturday, there’s a recorded video, and of course, the live video every Thursday. Excellent. Now a quick shout out. I just wanted to mention I got I get a lot of emails, which is great. And I do apologize if sometimes I don’t answer your emails or messages.

It’s just that there are so many and it’s difficult to always answer. But I love to hear about people who’ve been successful in their exams. And Dr. Shareef wrote saying I just got my results 8.5 in speaking following your Udemy course 8.5. Overall, it was beyond my expectation. All credit goes to you. Well, I don’t think it goes to me. I think it goes to you, Dr.

Sherry fool. He says you’re by far the best online educator out there. Well, that’s very, very kind. But that’s great, lovely to see are very pleased to see people who are, you know, working hard, studying hard and being successful.

The course, of course, he mentioned is the IML speaking success course, it’s all new to me. It’s a complete course. If you’re looking for a preparation course online to follow with me it’s video based self access. That might be the course go and check it out.

The links will be later in the video, or you can go to my website, which is this one over here. Keith speaking and on the website, you’ll find out all the information. Let me just show you because the website is my home if you like it’s so Keith speaking Academy.

If you come here, you can find out all about the courses that I have. If you click on this button up here, my online courses that will tell you, you can just go and check out get rid of that.

Go check out the there’s a fluency course but there’s also there you can see the IELTS speaking band seven course you can get all the information you need there.

And also do remember after the class the the notes from this, the free live lessons are available here, you can just download for free. Of course, you can download the notes here decision making, and all the previous letters, letters lessons in alphabetical order just to make it a bit easier for you. Great.

Also are Yes, I’ve got something new for you, which you might like. For example, if you click on to read the lesson, if you don’t want to download it, you can just click to read it here. And I’ve added some isles speaking practice, right.

So if you go through the lesson, great, and actually can show you how to use the lesson. You can find out what you will learn here. And you’ll notice there’s also now something called the IOP speaking test practice. So some lessons, I’m starting to add a video,

which is basically me have a look. Possible Part One questions right. Hello, welcome to the isles speaking test. My name is Keith, can you tell me your full name,

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