IELTS Speaking Practice Lessons on the topic of Happiness part 2

please? Right and what can I call you? Okay, great. So in the first part of this test, I’m going to ask you some questions about yourself. And we’re going to jump straight into the topic of ambitions.

So are you ambitious?

Right. Okay. I think you probably get the idea. So this is a video, it’s me as an examiner asking you the questions. And you can answer. And it’s just practice.

Because a lot of students said it would be nice to have you asking me the questions with the correct timing for the test. So that’s it. I’m starting to add these to these the free lessons. So at the moment, ambitions, books,

and what was the other one? ambitions books and animals. So those three topics, I’ve done a little video, I will be doing more so you can practice. Hooray. So that’s all on the Keith speaking Academy. Right? You can go and get it at the website.

They’re lovely. Very, very nice. I hope that that helps. Do you know let me know if you have any suggestions about that? That would be great.

Great, how are we lovely Nazir is here Hello, no, Zilla rod. Gina, thank you very much for the comment. That’s great. Brilliant. EDA says every time you have a live session, I’m on cloud nine. Me too. I’m on cloud nine. Excellent. So happiness.

Let’s jump in to this topic of happiness, right? Here we go then. So today, what are we going to look at? I’ve actually made a little little list here. Today’s lesson on happiness. We’re going to look at vocabulary. I’m going to look at some collocations asking the question, what is happiness?

I’ve got a nice little video for you about idioms today. I’ll be asking you what makes you happy. I then want to talk about younger people and older people, these happiness different interesting. At the end, we’ll be having model answers. And of course, as usual, a review with Kahoot. Great, nice. So that’s it. That’s what’s planned for today.

Let’s begin with useful vocabulary. Right now. They’re useful vocabulary. Here’s some useful vocabulary so we can say right? First of all, let’s start here. I’m happy that you came to visit happy, right as an adjective. I’m happy that right notice.

I’m happy that you came to visit. I’m happy that you came to the class today. I’m happy that you are here. Right? Typical. It’s the feeling of happiness about something. Or we can say she was such a happy baby. Happy describing the baby right?

She was such a happy baby. Always smiling. My daughter was such a happy baby from a very, very young age, like, from like two months, she was smiling and giggling. Lovely. I guess every parent says that right? We can also say, right, I’m happy with the answer.

So notice happy with big. So we’re focusing on the grammar of the word, right how we use the word. I’m happy with the answer. I’m happy with my new phone. I’m not happy with my microphone, because my microphone is not working.

And I’ve decided to buy a new one. So today, I should be getting a new microphone. And I hope I will be happy with the microphone. Or happy about the microphone, right. I’m happy about that. I’m happy about. I’m happy about the weather.

I’m happy about what am I happy about? I’m happy about? Well, I’m happy about my daughter passing her maths test. Yeah, I’m happy about lots of things. happy for you happy for somebody. Right? I’m happy for it’s always somebody, I’m happy for you.

I’m happy for you that you passed the iOS test. I’m happy for you that you have a holiday next week. So there’s different ways we can use the different prepositions with happy, right. Tika says I’m extremely happy to be in the live class with you.

Now. That’s great. Let me share that because that shows you happy to be I’m happy to be great. Nice, a teacup. Very, very good. I’m going to add that I am happy to be here. So happy to with the verb. Great. sharkoon says happy about being alive amidst the Coronavirus. Great.

Goodell says I’m happy to see you again. ankles those you can be happy about 550 people watching and learning from you right now. I am extremely happy about the talk about that.

Very good. happy about the news says last min. Excellent. So all different ways we can use happy, right? Happy with about happy to. Excellent. Now. Let me move on to talk about synonyms, about happy and I’m going to put you to the test. I’m going to test you here.

Find a synonym or come down. have happy in this sentence. I am blank that you came to visit. So give me a synonym of the word happy here. Right What can I say? I’m happy but changing for a cinnamon synonym. right we’ve got is a Bella says glad. Quite a few of you have said glad. Dr. Sahar says elated delighted exuberant. Right. Glad Yes. elated.

Yes. But elated. Notice equals very happy. Yeah. I’m exuberant that you came to visit. It sounds a little bit strange. It sounds too literary to me. It doesn’t sound like spoken English. So I’m going to leave that one. Here’s one from polyglot I’m thrilled.

Yep. Thrilled is extremely happy. Right. So we can add that on thrilled. Equals extremely happy. Good. Nice. We’ve got a nice one here from salmon. Who is a fellow traveler happy as Harry. Whoa. madman.Yes. Sorry. I meant to press this one. Simon. Delighted right. extremely good. Delighted. Means happy. Great. Let me just move across anything others?

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