IELTS Speaking Practice Lessons on the topic of Happiness part 4

So my point is great, but just be careful, right? You really need the context to help you learn vocabulary. That’s what I want to say. I’ll say it again. You need the context to really learn vocabulary. so important. Right?

That’s it. Excellent.

I’m gonna move on. Let me have a look. Next one, we’re going to look at some collocations okay. collocations here, we can talk about a happy marriage. Great. A happy memory, or a happy childhood, common a happy occasion.

When you get married, it’s a happy occasion. We talked about these collocations already happy with happy for happy about. Well, that’s a happy coincidence, right? To find happiness. We often say I found happiness with my I was gonna say my wife.

Now with my new phone. I found happiness with my new iPhone. And my wife, I’m blissfully happy. We can say extremely happy, right? All of these are different connotations we may have. There are others. Let me check in and see what you guys are saying.

Happy meeting. Right. Great. Nice service. Our Vista. Happy birthday. Yes. Wife. No. The trouble is right. I know my wife might be watching, and she’ll come back later. So what did you say? Barbara, very nice. Happy sorry. Bye. Last few Here we are.

Happy wife happy life. Nice, very nice. Happy song yet we can have a happy song. I’m in a happy relationship. Yeah. Happy Family, modern family happy family. Happy ending. Yeah. When you’re watching the film, right, you get the happy ending at the end of the film.

To be feeling happy. Nice happy memory. Happy time Not, not really happy time so much. Happy hours. That’s interesting. Happy hours. I wonder if you know happy hours, you probably know happy hours, happier hours or in the bar where the drinks are cheaper.

Or you get two drinks for the price of one. That’s the happy hour, or happy hours. It used to be happy hour. But nowadays, it’s like from six o’clock to 10 o’clock. It’s like four hours of cheap drinks. Happy hours. Exactly. Exactly. Happily ever after somebody is watching the Disney Princess Princess films.

I was watching brave the other day great. They lived happily ever after. Great, nice. Brilliant, good. All of those are. Excellent. Very, very nice. I’m going to move on. I’ve got a question for you guys. And here’s my question. And I actually I think I asked this on the Facebook group the other day. And I’m interested to see what all of you have to say today, right?

What is happiness?

I mean, how do you answer that question? Right? That’s a tough question. What is happiness? Hmm? Write down a comment. Tell me what you think. How would you answer that question?

Happy New Year’s. Happy Meal. Yes, McDonald’s Happy Meal. write some interesting ones here. Let me just get back before I lose them all. There was what we see happiness is family that was one was nice design net says happiness is family happiness is blah blah, blah.

That’s great. Happiness is who means is to be satisfied with what you have nice. Go suffer happiness is to be happy. Very calf geske kind of sentence that goes round in circles. Happiness is to be happy and lucky in life. Happiness is when you are healthy. Happiness is being rich says Jeet. sarratt. Very good point. Sarah. Very, very nice point.

It depends on person to person. Well, I would say I wouldn’t say person to person, right? I think I would say here It depends on each person. It depends on each person. Right? I think we would say happiness depends on each person. Or it depends.

Happiness is when you are healthy. Nice. namita happiness x success. Nice. namita. My next question then is well, what is success? What does that mean? Rahul a nice answer here. Those moments What do you enjoy? Yeah, just be careful here with your What?

Right? You can’t use that here. We use what is the question word. But in the clause we would say that right? Those moments that you enjoy, not what never use what in a in a clause or a relative clause? The moments which maybe you’re thinking of which right the moments which you enjoy?

But not what are those moments that you enjoy? Thanks, Rahul. That’s great. Pedram says happiness is leaving is living your dream alive. Life. Right? Life is confusing this word right? Live living life. I’m here giving a live class.

But here you mean happiness is living your dream life? Right? Yes. Excellent. Belinda has a very good point here. Happiness is when my kids are happy. Yeah. Somebody else said happy family. happy life. Right? Exactly. Happy, Happy wife. happy life.

It was Barack said the feeling of joy. Happiness is a feeling of joy. Smell Di D says happiness is a feeling of relief and calmness. That’s interesting. Right? Interesting. Great. So some great answers. Now, there are different ways we can approach this question.

And just let me share with you some ideas. Now, this could be write a definition. So you could if you’re talking to somebody, or even in the exam, you could say, well, if we’re talking about a definition, happiness is blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, right?

You can actually say that, well, what is happiness? Well, if we are talking about a definition, happiness is an emotional, physical or mental state of well being. Now, that sounds like you’ve swallowed a dictionary, like you’ve been reading a dictionary for breakfast, it might be better to say, if we talking about a definition of happiness, happiness is a state of well being.

Right? Keep it simple. Otherwise, it’s clear, you’ve memorized it, right? So we can say that, or something like, you know, if we’re talking about a definition of happiness is a feeling of deep satisfaction in life. or happiness is something we achieve by having a purpose and a sense of meaning in life.

Right? What is happiness? If we’re talking about a definition of happiness is and then you give your definition? That’s one approach, right? It’s an interesting approach. What is happiness? Before I tell you approach number two, yesterday, I was watching a video of a guy called

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