IELTS Speaking Practice Lessons on the topic of Happiness part 5

he was a French guy who was a monk, a Tibetan, who is not Tibetan. He was French sorry, he was a Buddhist monk, he became a Buddhist when he was very young, talking about happiness. And I shared that video, some of you saw the video right on the Facebook group.

And he’s talking about what happiness is. And one thing he said, I thought was interesting. He said, happiness is like a skill. Something you train, like playing the piano, you said, right, you play the piano, you don’t wake up one day and say, I want to play the piano perfectly, and start playing, though, you have to train you have to practice.

And his idea was happiness is the same. You can’t just wake up one day, so I’m going to be happy and have this deep happiness. He said, You have to train every day. And I think he suggests like meditation, training, your attitude, your mindset to be happy a lot of the time.

Very, very interesting, right? is happiness, a skill you train? I think his point is, you know, when you see the sunshine, you’re happy when there’s sunshine, but when it goes, you come down? Right? You have a nice meal with the family.

You’re happy for that hour or two. But when it’s finished, you come down. So you’re depending on other things, and it’s short term. His point is this deep, long term happiness is something you train. Very interesting, right? I thought that was very interesting. So I was wondering, then, you know, is happiness. Is it a state? Right? I’m happy.

What does that mean?

Is it a state? Is it a choice? I choose to be happy, right? Because when I see the rain, I get a bit sad sometimes. But my wife goes, Oh, it’s raining. Great. I love the rain. Now, the rains the same, but one of us chooses to be happy one of us chooses to be sad. Happiness is a choice, or is it a skill? Interesting, I’m sorry. This is a very, very deep conversation for Thursday morning, but I think it’s quite interesting, right? I think so. I wonder what you guys think.

Or do you think is it a skill? I lice was happiness is a result of your choices. Interesting. shikon. Happiness, according to master Shifu. is having inner peace in your life. Yes. As he said, This is interesting. I think it can be a choice. That said, lovely connector. It might be difficult. Yeah. And that’s why well, that’s why what I don’t know.

To what extent it is true, right?

Definitely a skill. It is a choice. Lovely. Jay state of mind. Interesting. Everybody has a different opinion. Right? Very, very interesting. It’s a state of mind and asila. Just reader says it’s a choice positive attitude must possess Hello, key from Qatar. Hello, reader from Spain. Nice to see you here. pt interesting having the skills leads you to the state where you want to be at.

Interesting, very interesting. Right? Excellent. Good. Let me move on because Okay, so we’ve talked about the definition. So approach number one, right? What is happiness? If we’re talking about a definition of happiness is our well being it’s having a happy family, blah, blah, blah, blah. Number two is to give a very specific answer, right, personally for me, right?

Not a definition now, but personally, for me, happiness is being healthy, being grateful. So notice the IMG, right, we can use this construction, having good friends having a day off work. Right? So notice that a very nice simple construction. Personally for me, happiness is being healthy. Great, very, very simple. Or, and some of you did this, instead of the i n g, we can use when

you just put that up, they get a bit closer. Personally, for me, happiness is when I do blah, blah, blah. I love blah, blah, blah. I’m so happy when I blah, blah, blah. For me personally, happiness is when I’m cooking. It’s when I get a lovely present.

Yeah, it’s when I’m rich. Somebody said happiness is being rich. But personally for me happiness is not being great. It’s helping it’s when I help other people or helping other people. So you can use IMG or when two very simple ways to approach it.

Right. Excellent. Nice. Good. What else have we got? Happiness is difficult to define. You could say this, right? I mean, if somebody says what is happiness? Well, happiness is difficult to define, right? It’s hard to put your finger on it. I love that expression. It’s hard to put your finger on it. That is a great idiom. It doesn’t mean put your finger on it. But it does.

I mean, if you put your finger on something, you identify it. It’s hard to put your finger on it mean it’s hard to say. It’s hard to identify. Right? So it equals hard to identify sci fi or to is hard to express. It’s hard to say. So basically, that’s it, it’s hard to put your finger on it.

That’s great. I love that. Everyone sees it differently. Right or as somebody said before, it depends on each person to remember that we also had that it depends on each person. Everyone sees it differently. Everyone sees it differently.

Notice the sees sees it sees it, you can link sees it. Everyone sees it. Say that with me sees it. Everyone sees it. Everyone sees it differently. Nice dum, dum, dum. Everyone sees it differently. It depends on each person. We do the same here we link them together.

Depends on depends on it depends on each person. It depends on each person. There are lovely very nice getting some nice pronunciation. Lovely. Good. Excellent. So that is happiness for the moment. Brilliant. Let me see how are you doing? Something like this that’s nice as well.

Some a laser says happiness is something that we can’t describe. Happiness is moving to Canada. For masters study. Yes. Very, very good. It depends on each person. Yes. hype says personally for me happiness is when I get to go on a vacation. Brilliant. Very, very nice. That’s so natural, really good.

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