Lessons for IELTS Speaking Practice – Topic of Technology part 1

Hello. Are we still there? What happened? Oh, some of you here. Great. So the stream ended. Yes. My apologies. There’s a technical issue. Technology has broken down. quite funny, right for this particular topic. Maybe it was the God of technology playing playing tricks on me. I think I’m back. I hope I back it looks like I’m back. I really don’t know what happened. Sorry about that. Okay, you’re still here. Brilliant. Good. So now for this kind of question. Yes. How has technology changed our lives, choose one topic and develop it right? Don’t give a list. Don’t start saying well, it’s changed, our education is changed, our homes is changed. Business is changed social media is changed how we communicate? No, no, no, no, no, no, Nana, Nana don’t give a list of things. That’s not very deep, right? It’s not very rich language. Just choose one and then develop it. Right. So for example, I’ll just move out, you could say, if we’re talking about education, yep. Then I think the dddddd There you go. If we’re talking about the business, then I think la de la de la. If we’re talking about skills for young people, then I think they did add. Okay. Great. Or you could say something like, let me pick one area. For example, education, I reckon data, I reckon just means I think, right. So let me pick one area, for example, education, or let’s for let’s take for instance, education. It seems to me that that data, so you can say I think, I reckon, it seems to me, or if we’re talking about blah, blah, blah, let me pick one area, for example, blah, blah, blah. Let’s take for instance, education, blah, blah, blah. Okay. So very simple. So here, you can take the idea of one topic and develop it. Right. Okay. Likewise, if the question is, how has technology changed? Our let’s see, our homes, for example. Again, just choose one area and talk about that one area. Okay, so you might say, let’s take for instance, let’s take for instance, lighting. In homes nowadays, some people have electronic and electronic lighting system controlled from their phone. Whoops, there,

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So for example, something like that. How has technology changed our homes? Well, let’s take for instance, lighting in homes nowadays, some people have an electronic lighting system controlled from their phone. So I’ve taken one topic, one area, and I’ve gone into more detail. Right? Very, very simple. All we have Yes, we have a Smart Lighting System. People have a Smart Lighting System. Good. I’m going to put that there. That’s nice. A Smart Lighting System. Brilliant. So that’s it, you can just do that straightforward. Taking one particular topic. Okay. Brilliant. Now then, let’s move on. Let’s have a look at some useful vocabulary here. We’re going to be talking then, about technology. Now technology, of course can be countable or uncountable. Okay. So if it’s countable, for example, or sorry, if it’s uncountable, technology is powerful. Technology is powerful. It’s uncountable. It’s the idea of technology. But we can also say Technology is a powerful technology, technology AI is a powerful technology. And here it’s countable. Right? So we’re making it countable. That’s technology. It comes from the word tech, which means art skill, or craft and ology, which is the subject of study, like biology, subjects, a study of life, astrology, the subject of this study of stars. So what is technology? And I was looking and looking for a really, really simple, a simple explanation of technology, because Wikipedia and the dictionaries have very, very complex definitions. And the simplest one I found was this, right? that technology is scientific knowledge used to solve problems. Right? We can use it to create tools, like a pen, shutter, an iPhone, cha cha, these are tools, technology, we can use it to improve processes like communication. And these tools and processes are also called technology. So the pen is at technology. The phone is at technology, right? So the tools the processes can be the countable technology, the knowledge, the scientific knowledge, is the uncountable technology. Okay. Technology, and AI is an example of technology. Now, we often talk about new technologies, disruptive technologies, emerging technologies, and modern technologies. All of these basically mean new, right? They new technologies. These are quite difficult Words to Pronounce. not new. That’s easy, but disruptive. Try that one with me. This rap tiv. disruptive. That’s the that’s quite hard, disruptive technologies. Emerging. Emerging, the stress on the emerging technologies. Modern, easy peasy. There you go. So what are the different kinds of new and emerging technologies? Well, I did ask you on the Facebook group the other day, what are the different kinds of technologies? And what are they can you tell me some of the different kinds of technologies I’m going to add some of you got some nice words here. cutting edge technologies. The latest technologies good. The latest technologies nice, up all of these up here.

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state of the art nice state of the art technologies. Lovely, thank you very much. Good, different kinds of new technologies. What have we got? Oh, upcoming technology. Okay. Good. Upcoming technologies. Great, some nice adjectives. They’re really nice. So the latest technologies we’ve got somebody advanced technology good. Future. Yes. So examples of new technologies virtual reality. There’s the first one from a Facebook user. We’ve got virtual reality. Excellent. Any others? Great. amela says AI for new VA he careless? That sounds almost Spanish. Right? I think you mean vehicles. Vehicles. Although I’ve heard some Indian students say via heat vehicles or vehicles, but in British English, we don’t pronounce the H just VA calls vehicles.

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outdated technologies. That’s right. Yes. Anything else other any specific examples? Okay. Flying cars, great. Apple Watches good. Good, you’re giving me lots of adjectives. That’s great. What about other examples? biotechnology yet? biometrics we talk about as well, artificial intelligence. How is the pen technology? Of course, Muhammad, the pen is a tool that is created through scientific knowledge, how we put lead or ink into a tool. So most tools are a kind of technology. Absolutely. Yeah. The radiant Well, yeah. You could argue that the book is technology, possibly, but a pen? Definitely. Because it’s a tool. We would say it’s an old fashioned or outdated technology. Great. augmented reality is another one. Brilliant. Anything else? augmented reality? digital technology, maybe? Yes, yes. Donna talks about robot robot waiters and service in Japan. Absolutely. Noah talks about the Internet of Things. Very good. Very good.

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Okay, quite a few examples. They’re good. Excellent. I’m going to show you some that what are some emerging technologies. So we’ve got right for example, let me bring these up. Some that you’ve mentioned, we’ve got artificial intelligence. You could just say AI? Because I think that acronym, AI is so common. Most examiner’s most people know AI. You can say artificial intelligence. By and large. I do not like to use acronyms. And I don’t advise you to use acronyms in the test. Because there’s always a danger. The examiner doesn’t know the acronym. Right. But I think this one is so common that you could probably use it like w h o, or the work the WTO. Most people know that. So I think it’s fine. Machine learning, five G’s kind of technology, the Internet of Things, right? IoT, a lot of people don’t know IoT. So I would not say IoT, I would say the Internet of Things. Right? And it should have a verse or in the Internet of Things. augmented reality AR or VR virtual reality. blockchain, right where the crypto currencies like Bitcoin where they are built, biometrics, robotics, all of these different kinds, right. Let’s have a look exactly what they are. So artificial intelligence. What is artificial intelligence? Wow. There’s a big question. Does anybody know? Can anybody explain what is artificial intelligence?


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