Lessons for IELTS Speaking Practice – Topic of Technology part 2

Hamdi as seen right handed, I just seen your notice. I don’t know why your account is blocked. It’s very, very strange. I will have a look into that. Let me make a note. I will do that later. Yes. There’s a hard question. Right. Right. Hi, Tom. says if we’re talking about AI, nice, good student is a cutting edge field that has been emerged to make our life on complicated it can be considered the electricity of the present era, or the electricity of the present era. That is interesting.

Yes. Yes, it has not been emerged because it’s not. It’s not passively emerged. It is actively it has emerged, right? It’s a cutting edge field that has emerged. To make our lives uncomplicated. Yeah, good. Great. What else have we got? The artificial intelligence giving a voice command to a machine and it responds as per our voice. Yes, that’s a good example. Absolutely.

We’ve got machine learning which is similar to AI through data mining or data analytics and elite ticks. Without the other see the other t Excuse me. analytics. Yes, good, Arthur nice. There’s an example here of the algorithm like YouTube recommended ads and videos, right? That’s an example of artificial intelligence. Excellent. So, I was looking at this on the internet, because it was hard.

I mean, for me, artificial intelligence is where we get the computer to learn, like a human, or to behave like a human. like machine learning is where we teach, or we give the computer lots of data. And it learns like a human might learn, right? But I double checked AI, and it says on the, on the on somewhere on the internet, the simulation, right of human intelligence, if we have intelligence, in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions.

So it’s the simulation doing things in a similar way to human intelligence in machines. So they are programmed to think like humans. And that was the difference, I think, between machine learning and AI. So AI is the machines are programmed, that was a key thing, right? But machine learning is they’re not programmed, you just give them lots and lots of data.

And they learn themselves, they teach themselves. So you program them to teach themselves if you like, ai we use in for algorithms. Absolutely. We use it in lots of ways I’ll talk about in a moment. We’ve also got things like biometrics. Now a lot of people talked about biometrics, and you’ve mentioned it here.

And this is basically where you identify and authenticate individuals based on their physical or behavioral characteristics. So things like fingerprint recognition, voice recognition, face recognition, right? All of those things. So basically, all of that, right. It’s the classic biometrics, we use biometrics to turn on our phones. Hello. Good morning.

How are you? curious about what I can do. Just ask what can you do? What can you do? voice recognition. Hello, Siri. Do you think series upset series not talking to me? I’ve never had a AI that gets upset. That’s really advanced AI. He’s gone away.

But sorry, biometrics is where you put your finger that he then that’s fingerprint recognition, right? That’s biometrics. Not the same as AI. Although I was reading that some biometrics like fingerprint recognition. They combine AI to do something.

And I don’t know what. But that’s biometrics bit different from AI. Voice Recognition Siri, if serious, getting angry, I’m not going to talk to Siri. You know, you’re having a bad day when Siri like doesn’t talk to you. I mean, I cannot understand my wife getting angry. But Siri getting angry.

Mad, absolutely mad biometrics, v. r, what is v r is a computer generated environment with scenes and objects that appear to be real. So I’m sure you’ve seen this in video games in pilot simulations, right? You can see examples, the pilot, so for example, pilots every six months, they have to be tested in a machine that’s like a plane.

It’s not actually a plane, of course, it’s a machine. But they go through the motions of where the plane is turbulent, and how do they handle it. And if the pilot passes the test, they carry on with their career every six months, right? I know that because I have a friend who’s a pilot, and he has to do the test.

really tough. But of course, that’s good. That gives us confidence as passengers that they know what they’re doing, at least in the simulation room. And then you’ve got the world of VR virtual reality in things like Second Life, you may know or any of the games if you’ve played any of the games have you played Have you played this game? Let me have a look. I’m not sure if you know this game, you probably do.

But it’s one of those virtual reality games that are was very, very popular and became very, very popular in the world of education. I wonder if you know this one. Bear with me. Because of course, technology is playing games with me world.

Well, this is it like Minecraft, right?

Here you go. Here we are. This is my little den that I’ve dug, I can go crush some flowers or even go knock down a tree. And then you can move around in this virtual world and go down into my little cave that I’ve dug up and move around here. And this is where you go mining and that’s why it’s called Minecraft as you dig through the mind and dig things up.

But it gets interesting at night. Because night, the zombies come out, as we’ll probably find out in a minute. If I can’t get out Minecraft, right, because you dig deeper and deeper. I just realized it was nighttime. It was so dark, you can hardly see it. But I do play Minecraft sometimes.

And that’s an example of a virtual reality world, right?

Or war of worldcraft. Any of you gamers out there, I’m sure you know all of these different VR applications. So we’ve talked about biometrics. I’m just going to bring up a few comments that were quite interesting. Where were we? Again, this is a nice one from Haytham.

If you search on YouTube for something a lot. Next time, you will see similar suggestions from YouTube that you might want to see on the same topic. Exactly. This is AI, learning what you like and giving you what you like, good and bad, right? Good and bad. Because it’s like on Facebook. If you look at something, you get the next day, adverts for the same thing coming again and again and again.

And you don’t always want to see the same thing, right? It’s like when you google search, and you get results based on what you like. But actually, it would be good to see things that you don’t like as well.

So algorithms I think, maybe good maybe bad, right?

It’s a good point. Either you’ve brought up this topic of green technologies like waste to energy. There are gosh, there’s a lot in that field. I don’t know a lot about the field of green technologies.

But certainly we can talk about I mean, green technologies, you’re talking about technologies that have a positive impact on the environment, and help fight climate change or global warming. So things like hydro power, where we use water, or wind power, or solar power, where we use the sun.

All of these are green technologies because they’re protecting the environment. We’re going to talk about this a little bit when we talk about the good and the bad because technologies have a negative impact or a second as a side effect on our on our world as well as the positive but it’s a very, very good point.

We are going to talk a bit about that shortly. Minecraft is popular with kids Yes. And 50 year old man like me. My kid love my son loves Minecraft. Yes. Well, absolutely Lissa, do learn just to go with your children do learn Minecraft.

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