Lessons for IELTS Speaking Practice – Topic of Technology part 4

For throng, in my opinion, technology supports us to save time and deal with work. Yeah, great. Good. Excellent, nice, nice comments. I’m going to move on. And I’m still having a little bit a little bit of a look at some vocabulary. So we’ve talked about different kinds of technology, right?

What about verbs and technology?

Let me just take this off. So verbs and technology, we’ve talked about different kinds of technology, emerging, disruptive, cutting edge state of the art, blah, blah, blah, the verbs we may say, to introduce new technologies, or adopt new technologies. Nowadays, we are adopting more and more new technologies. companies like Google are developing new technologies.

Facebook is exploiting new technologies like AI to help them build their business. So there are different verbs we can use, right? When it comes to adjectives, technical, so technology is the noun. Technical, is the adjective we talk about technical skills, technical knowledge, what a great word technical tech, technical. I just realized, the K almost disappears.

It’s not tech, nickel, it’s tech nickel. Because the curve and the NA are kind of, well, the curve is at the back. Tech, nickel, technical, technical, technical skills. Good Practice. When we say it’s a bit technical, in everyday English, that means it’s difficult to understand right?

But not just technology, when my is another wife example where my wife is telling me the recipe for making bread says well, you get the flour, you mix in the you mix in this you mix in that you put it in the fridge for an hour and then all or none and that’s a bit technical for me.

Right? A bit difficult to understand. It’s a bit technical. So we can use that for for many, many things, not only technology. And then I would say to her Can you say In layman’s terms, or in laymen terms, layman literally means a normal person.

So when we say say it in laymen terms, or layman’s terms, we’re saying don’t use professional, complicated technical language. Right? Just use simple English simple language. Say in layman’s terms, nice expression, right? Okay. Excellent, good, more expressions. What else? Let me move on. Ah, now somebody said, somebody said, I don’t know much about technology.

And it was harder, I’m going to share you with everybody. I have no idea about this topic. And that is fantastic. Because that you can you need to learn a bit about the topic. But there are also lots of expressions you can use ardor to help you with this, right?

So you can actually use this as an opportunity to show off your English, right? For example, technology is not really my thing. But I think AI is very useful. Right? I don’t know much about it. You don’t have to talk about the technical language, the technical vocabulary, but you can show off your general English, right? technology is not really my thing. It’s not really my cup of tea. Excuse me.

But I think biometrics makes it really convenient to lock my phone. Right? So you can actually even though you know nothing about technology, you can still show off your English. Or,

here’s another one, right? I am by no means an expert. But I would say biometrics is really useful to keep our phones safe and secure. I’m by no means an expert means I am not an expert at all. Not at all. I am by no means an expert. But I would say that algorithms are a double edged sword.

There are positive effects and negative effects. Right? It’s all about showing off your English. Or maybe you love technology. Great. You can say, Listen, I’m a bit of a technology buff. And the way I see it, that a debtor, I’m a bit of a technology buff.

Right, a technology buff. A buff is a fan of something, especially film and technology, right? I’m a technology buff. I’m a film buff. I’m a fan of that. And the way I see it, algorithms are a double edged sword. They can be good and they can be bad.

Or even. I’m by far I’m by by far, but I’m far from Excuse me, I’m far from an expert. But as I see it, right, I’m far from an expert. I am not an expert, but as I see it. So all of these different ways you can actually show off your English even though you don’t know a lot about the topic. Okay.

Lovely. Excellent. I’ve lost track of you. Let me see. Right. Yeah. Okay. Here’s another one very, very similar. I’m not a tech savvy. Right here. Without the air.

I’m not tech savvy. tech savvy will be the adjective right? I’m not tech savvy. But I know I is making our lives honestly. Great, to be honest, it isn’t my cup of tea at all. Fantastic. Very natural. English. Very, very good. What else? Yes, good. This is nice from LA. I’m a bit of a technology buff. But from my perspective, it has pros and cons. Lovely, lovely

language. Absolutely nice. Absolutely. Brilliant. Good. So you’ve got some nice expressions there right that you can have a look at. And you can practice to talk about these different areas. Okay.

jumping in, jumping out So I’ve got a quick question for you a very, very quick one. I’m just looking at the time and where to go next. But let me ask you this question, which is the most important new technology in our lives today? Right? So this is for you personally.

What do you think is the most the one most important new technology in our lives today? And why? Let me know in the comments box. Nevin, yes, this lesson is recorded, and you will be able to watch it again on YouTube and Facebook. rackheath Don’t worry, I am going to do model answers shortly. The class normally goes for an hour and a half. It might be a bit longer today. Okay, some answers coming in zoom. Because study online. I study online. Yes. Susan says Google Maps.

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