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Hello How are you all? I’m eligible now. Okay great Hello So Gigi tell you her treat her treat about the promo code and how to join the post we’ll let you know in the break okay. So please stay with us till the break if you actually want to know about the courses about the discounts and the benefits of the course everything we let you know in the break.

Great so here we are all excited for this session like most of the students are excited for speaking because they get to speak so are you excited for the session today? Yes, okay. Very excited. We are also very excited to host these sessions every day for you. Scores okay Isha have not great.

So how many of you are new here new people?

Do let me know in the chat box if you’re new and joining scholars master class for the first timeHi, Ashley. I’m doing really good. How are you? Great. First time new new Carm g Sakshi. Gilani doing good just when the when the great okay

we know I’m doing really good how are you? knew this Swati her pre okay. Today the number of new people are actually you know, so many people are new today. It’s huge. Yes. Great novel this enthusiasm okay.

I’m Rangi Veronica, mom’s I think two or three batches are starting so maybe you can check the website for some other batch. If one is filled up No worries. I batches gets filled up very fast. So you can join some other session some other batch I mean okay, so do you know what a master class is?

How many of you know what the master class is? Describe the master class in in a sentence. describe this class in a sentence in the chatbox I would really like to you know read what you write Fast Track class okay. I don’t Okay, I’m not I’m not any master here. I will not be teaching you I’m just the host I let you know what a master class is. Oh wow.

High Priest is God’s gift for me. Bow had three glad to know Ranjeet is saying very motivating class. Yes. Crash Course Okay. Okay. And another great sentence it says phase path to a bright future definitely itself. tizer the Okay, summary and quick glass pop? Yes. grade three swim courses classes by the best and the most experienced mentors.

Definitely. Kind of a kind of an orientation from an experienced individual. Okay. The the class will begin in one or two more minutes. We are waiting for a few more people to join to the time I’m here to interact with all of you. If you have any questions related to if you have any doubts Feel free to message me in the chat box. Express Yes. key to success okay.

Actually overwhelmed to read so many beautiful statements describing the master class great way to success Yes. Master your skills. Yes. But to great success. Wow. Yes, we have now Okay, so how many is asking if this class was taken by others. So yes, now I know.

Now I’ll introduce you, the master class what a master class is. So it is a it is an absolutely free class. You know, we conduct these classes two times a day 10am in the morning and 7:30pm in the evening, you too huge demand. Okay.

And so many people joins us daily, it’s too overwhelming to see so many new people every day and obviously are all participants as well. So yes, these classes are absolutely free. And yes, it also is going to take the class, he’s an expert educator, at least scholar I always introduce him like this, and he has more than 20 years of experience.

And I think all of you like most of you already know that because I use these statements daily that he has more than 20 years of experience. So yes, Can y’all believe it? He has taught like 1000s of students 1000s 1000s of students

Yes. Okay, so I’m Karishma once you join we let you know how, how will we provide you the notes and everything will let you know everything in the break? No debuchy we never we never never use the same content, the content in the 10am and 7:30pm class would be completely different.

You can join if you join these master classes daily you will definitely know that every day you know we make these DVDs and every day there is new content. All of us work really hard behind you know hosting behind the scenes what you say. So it’s just the hard work and it’s the motivation that all of you give us daily. Okay, hi Deepak she Good to see you here. Hello sir. Good

evening. Good evening. Samia. How are you? Good how are you? Good Good, good. Oh wonderful. There we are. davia says it says that he regardless where you are that so nice, there we are. We also look forward as forward.

So welcome guys to this masterclass where I have to Gulati Samia plati tasneem Erwin Manali, we are all Lantus. We are all your host for tonight from 730 to 830. We’ll do our best to give you a memorable experience and we are sure you will be enjoying your class with us as every day.

We really look forward to having all of you here each day. And of course we love to receive new participants and to know them. So could I know the names of the people who are new today guys, do Introduce yourself. Hi Reshma.

Hello SOC vendor meyerhold Rohini Tanisha, Ravi Kumar, Kaman Laval Amman. Dr. Pooja Dobby Najib twinkle I hope I’m taking the right names of the people who are first time attendees Urvashi Shelly Swati you’ve come before no Verizon Poornima my whole great to see all of you shereena tarnish Ma and Mikhail Karthikeya Sandy by and I know you’ve been there you were there yesterday hi booboo.

Yes we are we are many shares and she has tried hi sub g wonderful to see all of you so Mita that some names are common. So we I do remember them. Ah, yeah, share prafulkumar that right? I know not Sri ashray out. Yeah, of course. Hi. Kiran, Jeet core. Very good. Wonderful. This is your first class very good, Neha. Welcome welcome to all of you. Hi, we’re out. Of course, Who can forget your name?

cyber shinny?

How long will it take? Well, it won’t take very long at all. You know, it will, let’s say a wonderful victim. It should not take you about more than a month, let’s say 45 days, right? Is this an exam wonderful path, which you need to wonderful money?

Yeah. So you need to prepare, you need to prepare, let’s be more likely to prepare in a hurry. So give yourself 45 days and then you are all set. Of course. sujeeth I’m also hoping it will be a wonderful experience for you.

Hello, pretied. So guys, after welcoming you, I would like to tell you, I would like to address all of you jointly. Hello ritika. I would like to address each one of you. Right? That you want to succeed. If you want to go abroad, you want to go to the College of your choice. Thank you, Dr. Thank you so much for that compliment.

So now when you want to succeed, right what is the first thing to believe in yourself to believe in something and first of all believe in yourself. So the first step to success is to believe high pile believe in life. Believe in your dreams, believe in miracles.

Okay. Most of all. Believe in your dreams if you dream about getting a good band in isles believe me you do the math tell yourself that I have the ability to make it happen that I can do it the below we only set limitations to ourselves the biggest source of motivation are your own thoughts so therefore guys think big motivate yourself to dream big.

Remember a road has speed limits and exam has time limits but thinking has no limits. So think big and chase your dreams Okay, life has no remote guys get up and change it right so get up let’s change our life let’s make sure we have the life we need the life you want the life of your dreams okay let’s begin guys with this.

I will now begin the masterclass I will answer all your queries all your doubts jetty in the break now not only you everybody Yeah, all your doubts in the break, okay, which will take after about 1520 minutes not before 20 minutes.

Okay. So now let’s say today we are going to talk about speaking, right there are four sections in isles you know that reading, listening, writing and speaking all these four sections. So we are going to talk about speaking today, all these four sections are very important, they are all 25% each, then you get an overall band. After getting 25% in each section, you better overall band.

Now the aisle speaking exam is for about 11 to 15 minutes right? The content of the aisle speaking exam is same both for the academic as well as for the general the aisle speaking exam is designed to assess a lot of skills mainly your speaking skills. I saw rage but I may not be able to hi Say hi to everybody guys. So Hi everyone, right let’s do the class now.

Now the eyes like I said the aisle speaking test is checking your skills on communication. The examiner will want to know how well you can communicate opinions and information on everyday topics and common experiences especially in part one.

Okay, now to do this, you will need to answer a range of questions. And what do you need to do? You need to expand your answers right speak at length on a given topic so that the examiner can judge you, the examiner can know what band to give you organize your ideas in a very coherent means very logical manner.

Your ideas should flow well Express and justify your opinions, analyze, discuss compare contrasts, so that you are able to speak and relax and talk fluently. You must speak naturally important to speak very naturally, you know, be your normal, natural self full and self. Okay, that’s how the examiner will be happy with your speaking and we’ll be happy with what you’re actually conveying to the examiner.

Okay, let’s go on to the next slide. Samia, please. Now what is the aisle speaking exam? What is it about? You all know it has three parts, right? part one, part two and Part Three? All those who don’t know I’ll just brief you the as I said the speaking exam is for about 15 minutes.

So, part one and part two and three all have about five minutes each. Thank you. So, they are five minutes each part one we always say you know there are three is you must use in the speaking exam. Part one is expanding your answer not no one line answer no yes no answers, but at least an answer in two sentences.

So guys be like try to speak at length try to expand your answers try to show you a very coherent very fluent as if you are talking to a friend Okay. Now, part two we call it a long term or it is storytime Part two is story time Why?

Because you have to imagine you’re sitting with your friends on a holiday and around the campfire that you are telling them a story they are asking you and on a particular topic you are talking to them if you think so, if you visualize So, you will not be conscious you know you will be fluent you will make less hesitations pauses.

So, that is what we should target as though we are not with the examiner but with the group of friends and we are telling wonderful care and we are telling a story a story that is interesting, because remember the examiner wants to all of us right? We want to hear something interesting, be it a book or a film whatever we want to find it interesting then we are glued to it.

Now, same manner make the story very interesting. Part Three is a discussion a two way discussion between you and the examiner. So you are talking to the examiner. Remember in part one and two, the examiner does not talk with you Only you

talk you will introduce and in part You will be talking for two minutes, but in part three, the examiner will talk with you the examiner will discuss with you, the examiner will like you know, analyze with you seek your opinion.

So doesn’t matter all of you who have left ideas, I’ve told you I’ll be shared three parts Part One, two and three I just discussed it right all the three parts. Okay next slide Samia. In part three, you should elaborate I said in part one you should expand in part two, you should embellish what is embellish. embellished means lie. And you can fake you can make you can fabricate a story.

And part three is all about elaborating your talk. If somebody is not able to see please reconnect, because we are all able to see and hear each other. So please reconnect. There’s a problem at your end. Okay. Hi, Thomas G. Welcome to all those on their first day I will talk to you in the break now. Now what is the examiner looking at?

How does is your speaking test scored?

Your score you can see 25% on four grounds. One is fluency. How fluent are you? How naturally are you speaking? Right? I mean, we are like the ideas should come not as if they are memorized. But as if you’re speaking very naturally over a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

Now then your second 25% comes from your vocabulary lexical resource. What type of vocabulary are you using? Are you using some uncommon words? Are you using some words, which will show your level of English and third your grammatical range?

Which means your foundation your structuring of sentences, compound sentences, complex sentences, conditional sentences, rhetorical. What do I mean by rhetorical question sentence guys, like I told you when you talk, supposing the examiner asks you Please listen to me. Supposing the examiner asks you, are you fond of swimming?

So you can laugh and say, who doesn’t enjoy swimming? So you’re asking him a question but not expecting an answer in return? That is a rhetorical question. And that shows you a good level of English that shows your humor that shows your wit the last 25% is for your pronunciation in pronunciation,

I don’t mean you should have an accent, you don’t need to have an accent like I am an Indian we are all Indians we all have the same Indian right accent but our pronunciation should be good. And our pronunciation includes our body language, our gestures are you know we are not fidgeting much we are strutting straight,

we are not sitting with arms folded, and we are not sitting cross legged, you know we are wearing like we are dressed like for a formal interview. So the guys like I say can always go in a pair of trousers and a full sleeve shirt. You have your short term headguard be well shaped groom and the girls can go in a restaurant dress in the salwaar. kameez.

And be polite, be courteous, maintain an eye to eye contact, what do we call the eye to eye contact guys with the examiner, Bullseye, Bullseye contact, so keep looking, you know, your eyes should have a direct contact with the examiner so that the examiner feels engaged, he’s interested, that’s how you’ll be able to continue his interest in the conversation.

So this is how you are marked right? How fluent you are, what kinds of vocabulary you’ve used, what is your grammatical range and what is your pronunciation? I told you your pronunciation also includes your intonation, what is intonation, intonation is your voice modulation, like your pitch?

You know let’s say for example, for example, the examiner asking you do you like music? And you say yes I like music? Or you say oh yes well yes, I am very passionate about music. So you saw my voice change you saw my pitch going up and down.

You saw my word stress how I said oh well yes, I am very passionate about music. So there the examiner becomes interested the examiner sees that you can convey a lot. So same way I want you to do it all right. If this way you will be able to show the examiner how we know what your level of English is how well you can converse in English. Okay, next slide please Samia.

Now some tips on how to improve your English which you are all asking me right. So some tips are speak English everyday guys, to your friends to your family, with your colleagues you know with your anywhere who you meet on the street also speak in English try to converse in English.

It is better to practice a little every day and improve your skill gradually. So that you are when you are exam will be there you will be perfect. You will be near perfect. As the examiner questions if you don’t understand if you don’t understand anything.

Don’t worry, you can ask the examiner once. Excuse me, I didn’t really understand. I’m sorry. Could you explain what that means please, but don’t ask again. And again, don’t ask again and again, in the three parts you can ask once, do a 24 hour English warm up, it means it takes most isles students 10 to 15 minutes to warm up,

you know in the introduction, but this UI exam is only for 15 minutes. So just like an athlete needs to warm up like you know, you want to go for a jog. If you want to feel active you want for communication. Also, you need to warm up before your eyes the exam.

So you need to do a run out like for you’re going for a match. Therefore you should speak read, write and listen in English for 24 hours, at least again before your exam. Before your speaking exam. Your family and friends might think you’re crazy, but trust me if you make a huge difference to your score.

Next slide Samia. So don’t you agree with me right is that you should really try to speak in English as much as you can give full answers. Yes, and no answers are not satisfactory, right? You need to show the examiner how good your English is.

If you give short answers, there is no way the examiner can know how good you are. Therefore, you should try to extend your answers with explanation and examples. correct your mistakes. People make small mistakes when they speak all the time, especially when they are nervous in the exam.

So by correcting your mistakes as you make them, you can show the examiner that you really do know your grammar, you are clear with your vocabulary. When you say a small mistake, simply say sorry, and repeat the sentence correctly.

Yeah, so that will you don’t need to worry you don’t need to panic if you made a mistake. Now how do you prepare for the Irish speaking exam? Wonderful gemology How do you prepare you prepare with this five step process?

What is the five step process guys? First is think of your response. This is of course only for your part two, part one and three spontaneous you don’t get any time, but in the second part you get a minute to prepare. So you can use that one minute to think plan how should I speak what kind of words you know what how should I continuously speak without pauses?

Create a word list think of some vocabulary or topics which will go you know specific topic vocabulary that is called like you know, for every topic, topic specific team, SV topic specific vocabulary, let’s say for example, the topic is weather.

So you can talk of, you know, pleasant humid, sultry, dry, arid, awesome, mesmerizing, and if you’re talking of being very happy, you can say joyful, ecstatic, exhilarated, overwhelmed, right? So try to use different words before the exam record yourself. Do a timed practice, put on a timer, see whether you’re able to speak for two minutes.

Then after that review yourself. Where did I go wrong? Did I make many pauses pauses? Did I hesitate? Did I say? ah you know, so that is what you have to check. That’s what you don’t have to do. Okay guys, now this is all about your preparation for the speaking exam.

Now coming on, please. Now before we come to part one, before I begin with part one, I would love to welcome now via now via is our isles mentor, our exile student of lift scholar has done wonderfully well and will begin share with me that speaking along with me, we’ll do it together so that you guys remain hooked on to what we are teaching.

Right? We are talking about part one guys, and is going to be very interesting with navia with me. So Samia is now via de Yes, so she’s you.

Yeah. Okay guys. So we are going to begin with part one, right? The nowadays in part one, your assessment begins, you know you are going to get evaluated, the examiner is now looking at giving you a band. So you will get three or four questions on two different topics.

They can ask you, are you working? Are you a student? Or they can ask you anything? Describe your home describe the furniture in your house? How is your house decorated? What colors are you fond of? Are you fond of going to the park?

Or are you fond of what do you do in your free time? So they will ask these questions about you. They are not general they will be looking at your interests, your dislikes, your likes and interest. So that tips for part one, don’t just focus at the question.

Look at the bigger picture. Aim to talk flexibly about a range of issues. All right in each topic. Don’t focus on technical a lot. Don’t worry about the words You don’t really need to be expert in the topic. We are not looking for your knowledge.

They’re not looking for your content. It’s more important to speak naturally and to get good words and connectors. Therefore focus on spoken English. If you think you should sound sound like an expert, then you are probably using inappropriate so be very natural, your normal fluent selves, right. Okay, Yana. Where are you?

there? We are welcome. Welcome to our masterclass. You’re muted. You’re muted. My audible now? Many congratulations. How are you? Thank you. So I’m great. How are you? Good now via so we are very happy to have you here with us. And I’m there, I must congratulate you on getting a lovely eight band overall. That’s wonderful. And you also bought great individual bands, please share them with the audience.

So I got a band aid overall, with a band six, seven, sorry, with a band aid in reading and speaking along with the band seven in writing and Abadi point five in this. Wonderful. Okay, now via How did leave scholar help you

helped me in a lot of ways. For starters, every doubt I ever had was always cleared, then I really enjoyed the master classes. I mean, if you are somebody who was preparing for Isles, I would definitely recommend me to take all the master classes each scholar has, along with that the batches are really cheap. So you should also consider going for crash courses.

They have amazing speaking clubs, and you always get a good feedback. I mean, I was fluent, but I didn’t know how to use linking words. And I learned that through the feedback given to me by one of three teachers, athletes scholar. And my writings were evaluated here. It’s very difficult to find good evaluation online, especially at such a cheap price. So there was no doing is without its color from

wonderful. So and now we’re like you said the speaking at least color really helped you with the speaking. So what do you feel like? Could you elaborate? Like you said you were fluent, but they wanted you to learn how to use good connectors or what.

Basically, I was always fluent. I could speak at length if I want to. But my problem was that I didn’t know topic specific vocabulary. And that can really break down your score. So I practiced the cue cards given to me by the scholar along with the vocabulary book backlink scholar provides. It has topic specific vocabulary and synonyms.

So that really helps me to boost my score. Other than that, I learned how to use connectors, and how to incorporate them in my speech by joining by making use of my three speaking club slots that I get with the crash course,

yet really wonderful. And now we are How much did you practice before the exam? I recorded myself, I picked up a topic from the list of topics given to me. I mean, they were more the pool of topics was more than sufficient for any right wonderful.

The topic and I went on Google Docs, I recorded myself on my phone and I also used the voice to text converter. So whatever I was speaking, my document was writing. So that way, it was easier for me to check my grammar. Other than that, so I practiced by recording myself and I practiced using the speaking slots. Wonderful. Nadia,

please repeat that you said wonderful tape you gave you said you recorded yourself on Google Doc right. And that after that, how did you check your grammar I would like you to please repeat.

So you go on Google Docs and you click on Tools then you will find one options saying voice to text or speech to text I don’t remember clearly Okay, so you click on that and as you speak your laptop, your word processor it will type for you.

So now when once you start speaking you can read whatever you spoke and that way it is easier to you know point out your grammar mistakes.

Wonderful. And now we are what about listening what podcast Did you listen to you got a wonderful band in listening also.

Well, I guess well, I I am a fan of this YouTube channel known as our tight end. See, it’s a really good channel. It has ended

in the chat box guys. Robin, please send it in the chat box. Okay, wonderful. Yes, Samia, let’s note that. Okay, great. Now via please carry on.

So I listen to archive and see on YouTube. It has to be It’s from 1940s and even before that Along with that, I sometimes listen to podcasts by business history podcast by Dan. So it’s really good if anyone wants to be more fluent in English you should definitely listen to that podcast.

That’s great. So that really helps you in the listening right?

Wonderful. What about writing now via How did you improve your How did you get a good band in writing?

For starters, I again I focused more on topic specific vocabulary and you I mean, you guys provide a really good essay structure and everything so it was really helpful for me so for writing I more or less refer to the essay structure and the vocabulary book

by leaps color very good, wonderful. So that’s really nice. Now via and what you do, I suggest nowadays the courses are so reasonable, I tell them you cannot buy one but you can buy multiple batches.

course Of course, I mean, when you go when you when you try to finance classes there for like 10,000 rupees or you know, you cannot find anything cheaper than 5000. And here you are getting one class in less than 200. So, that would be really yeah,

and the entire course No, not one entire pause now via they want to know about your channels or podcasts, it’s not clear, maybe they could not hear properly. So put them again, please.

The YouTube channel is archive MC, e, r, c, h, i v e, m c,

archive and archive MC. Wonderful. So from that you found it very, very helpful, right?

Couldn’t be a good suitable starting point if you are not very used to listening to English, but you can listen to it to improve like the it has quality English is

wonderful. I’m sure they will be using both Google Talk and archive MC right guys such wonderful tips now via gave you and now via like, did you give a computer based or a paper based exam? is a computer based computer based? Okay? And how was the experience? Was it good?

was amazing. Everything you could highlight while you were reading or even in your listening tests, you could make notes, it was a really good experience. So

you get a pen and paper in the computer based right? That’s what they asked. Can you look at your watch while speaking? That’s another question.

Yeah, you get a pen and a paper, you get a rough sheet not only by writing, but even for your listening and reading sections. You get your love sheet. And same goes with speaking part two, the examiner will give you one minute to make notes. So yes, that is covered.

So did you take out your watch before you entered?

I did. Yes, I did do that. So in that one minute, I quickly answered all those questions, the question on my cue card and then I quickly wrote a few connectors because I knew I would forget them. So I wrote down furthermore and get and things like that because I knew I will forget them if I don’t write them.

Wonderful love. Yeah, very good. Very good. So do you get a pen and paper they are asking in a computer based exam? Yes, I did get a pen and paper throughout my exam. Wonderful. So now they are like you they all want to get an aid band. So now I’ll tell them how they can join the course how they can get an aid bank.

Thank you novia. Thank you so much. It’s been great talking to you. Very nice having you over you shared such valuable tips. I’m really happy, proud of you. And congratulations again. Thank you. Thank you so much. It’s a pleasure to be here. And now via Yahoo. Did you take your training from Muhammad Sir, I believe Yeah.

I took my training from Muhammad sir. He is an amazing tutor. His classes are informative and fun. All his tears are down.

Yeah, because he’s got two batches going on now. So guys now via two classes, they all educators are good, but she was from hamatos batch. Right. Thank you Naveen. He is amazing. Wonderful lava. Thank you. Thank you for coming.

Okay guys. Besides now via you can see so many other students on the screen. These are all our lead champions, if you want to younger ogham if you want to join these courses, and if you want to be like navia we have a number of courses available Samia, please put on the past slide as well as what it contains. So please have a yes amazing tips.

Have a look at what you need to do what our courses give you 20 hours of live lectures, speaking evaluation writing evaluation grammar classes, vowel solving sections and mock tests. Right, Samir?

Yes, also so like the people who have joined us today in the class are super lucky man. See because today is the last day of the discount offer you know very huge of this discount we are giving you the courses only for 83 rupees not even 100

yeah Samia Today is August 31. Right yesterday is the last day last day August 31. So it’s an August and sale last day today, they are really lucky guys all those who have joined today and have not joined any course you will never find this again. So, how to join Of course we are sharing we are sharing a link we have

we have already shared the link once you click on the link you can see all the available courses but before that, I would love to tell you that what all the benefits we are giving you to the students of leaf scholar. So we are giving you 20 hours of live classes as adults I already told you all the four modules will be covered.

Proper speaking and writing evaluations will be there. Okay, with that we are giving you grammar classes daily, so daily grammar and vocabulary class will be their weekly mock tests to evaluate you on doubts solving sessions, recordings of all the sessions and whatnot. Everything for att today. Yes.

Yeah, so you don’t even need to buy a book. yet. 83 rupees is after you put the promo code promo code. promo code is August sale. I’m just I have just written it in the chat box. Please use the promo code or this fail au je s a l e.

promo code you will get it for 83 Have a look dial like NaVi I told you there are two batches by Muhammad, one from five to 6pm, the other from nine to 10pm. The other educators are also very good Veronica Muhammad.

You saw a testimonial by Veronica student also right? We read it to you yesterday Shambala was saying that everybody should join. So guys, today’s the day August 31. You must buy at least you can buy two three batches people have bought four or five batches in the morning. In the morning class they have bought four to five batches.

So now this is you have to just click on the link run gene, you have to just click you have to pay and click

Run GTC a batch is four week courses will guarantee no problem or batches gets filled up very fast but there are you know we have ample of options for you.

You can see the date of the you know the commencement date and the ending date Everything is there on the screen the timings the duration, you can join any course according to your suite suitability we have

dr. D I would like to tell you you can google PE PE tn whatever you want as is a very big company you can tell your parents how what on telegram to watch us to look for us right we have 50,000 students on telegram we’ve trained more than two lakh students so you can google pay pay pm whatever whatever you want right?

recording of course we send you all the recordings, all the recordings. So now guys, you have a chance today you have a chance if you want to join a course is today’s your day when you can get it at 83 rupees. We have all online classes by lottery all online.

Okay, now tell me who are the lucky ones who are the ones who are lucky enough because our batches are getting filled up. These are all fast filling batches like Ranjeet said one batch is already full already full. Others are just 2030 seats yes Samia.

So there are many batches that are already fast filling so they can get filled up at any moment. They are saying 530 to 630 is also full okay you have to you have to because guys today’s the last day of the sale all the educators are good try whichever course you get whatever time suits you try, try and buy not one but two batches that’s the only way you will be able to do well. All right, that’s the only way

also, yes, we are going to give you 14 Cambridge books so you don’t have to buy even a single book class notes will be there you know a lot of homework will be there. Everything will be there Don’t worry you will be added to separate telegram groups with the educator you can ask you questions you doubt everything will be solved to proper personal attention will be there only 483 rupees.

Rise guys you know now this is an irresistible offer. It’s a bumper offer. Okay, who all have been lucky guys tell me who all I’ve been lucky to get a seat already, which are the lucky ones. Give me a thumbs up send me a thumbs up on who has been lucky to get a seat today.

Today I’m talking of today Anisha Gulati god shafter pool God Sruthi Sundar certegy somebody or God you water seed very good Avinash permit all of you I’ve met so many of you I’ve managed I hope the others also partake Raj as money shayana or machine. Great What about the others guys?

I want to see each one of you in the course. So that you get an eight band life now via now we are told you know, leave scholars the cheapest and the best. Wonderful just be Santa Rashid great Amish. Wonderful Rakesh, very good automatons there are two weeks courses also you can see on top there’s a morning batch eight to 930 it’s a two week course.

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