Websites That Can Help You Make Money Online (SECRET WEBSITES) (Growth Money Making Website 2021)

One of the metrics for making money online is the level of information that you have access to, I want to show you some secret websites that can make you money, or can help you in the journey of your online money making easy.

Now, I have treated these in some cases here on this channel, about secret websites. And what I always use is what I bring to you. This is African giant, where I teach money making online, and everything that can help you make money online, I’m bringing 13 websites to you today.

And today’s you know, tutorial is a bit different. Because I will tell you where you can use each website, and how you can make money on each website online.

So I’m not just showing you these websites for you to see or for you to have the aha moment. But I want you to as well know how and where to use these websites. Let me start from this incredible one, if you want to be anything online, marketing, let me tell you, it is the way you market and how many people you can get to that really changes everything.

Like I always say you are not broke, if you have a product you’re selling, you’re not only selling enough, that’s why you’re approved.

So if you can find a way to sell, then you will have money, I don’t find that athlete, if there’s a way you sell, what does marketing bring to you, all of these that you see here, they are free, cold email, viral email, they have giveaways, they have contents, they have copyrighted content, all of these you can study and applied directly to your own.

You know, affiliate marketing, freelancing, whatever it is, it’s great resources, I must tell you, great, great resources. And how do you make money from this, of course, you can now be a copywriter, you can make money from that to freelancing and all.

Also, you can help people in setting up emails on Fiverr. This is incredible, because our two ways you can make money from this. And then I got these as well. And I said as you bring it to you, which is my number two out of these 13. It’s got math

Math with that. com. Now I noticed that as a teacher, you can teach virtually anything online. Okay, especially mathematics, almost all the time, you may not know what you want to do in terms of answering that particular question. So when you lift yourself up, that you can answer these questions online, especially for maybe college students, and all on Fiverr.

And everywhere up work. If they bring a mathematical thing to you that you don’t know the answer, just come to and put it here. So I don’t have any thing of my head. Well, let me just do 78x plus 69x. And then I put equals to let me get the answer. And this is really great.

Is it is it actually the answer you simplify factor?

I just put that and he gave me the answer. So now no matter what anybody gives you your life, just come to And you cannot use this as a freelancer, as a teacher without being bamboozled by one heavy logic or something from mathematics or you don’t know.

Incredible, right?

And that takes me to number three, this is Pac spark Like I always say, it is good for you to simplify everything.

The more knowledge you have, the more you can make money online. And what does this does, look at this on your literature, some other subjects blood, Shakespeare’s you can learn a lot from here. And it’s virtually literature. These can let you make money a lot. I put this here, because some of us might say, I don’t even know

how I’m going to start up on Fiverr by doing you know, all these scripts, writing and storytelling and novels, because that’s a niche you want to really jump into these

pack notes that come can help you do that without much issue. Okay, let’s go to another one that will be of interest, which is Ash is an app start generator, you on Instagram or Facebook, whatever it is, this generates for you ash tags that are profitable to your particular niche.

Please use this so that you can grow organically. But then all of these will not add up if you don’t know what is called Duck Duck go. That’s come now don’t go go. That calm is like Google is not even like it’s Google. You know tentative.

But what I like about these and why I use it is it does not track you with personalized information. on Google, if you search for us, you will just notice that anywhere you go, everything about us now will be popped up to you.

And anytime you search anything about us now, it doesn’t give you the real search. It gives you personalized search. So that makes it worse if you’re a blogger or a YouTuber, because you want to know what people in the world are really seen.

But then the personalized is yours. And it gives you wrong data. You don’t want that. So go to and search. Now when you search here, he doesn’t track whatever you’re searching. So let’s go view to give you the original thing that everybody in the world can see.

And I have to have this as well. Most of us may not know this, but I think you should have it about epic browser. A lot of people use epic browser to open accounts that are not

open in their country. Maybe in Nigeria, you want to open Clickbank you want to open digital 34

and a lot a whole lot of you know, websites that do not allow Nigeria’s I know that some other countries to open, you can use this. But that’s not the only thing I use mine for when you use a big browser, it has this VPN that is free, inbuilt.

Now, when you use that, you can really use to research anything keywords, research on these, so that it can give you especially when you use the USA.

So they can give you the citizen USA, that’s what you want to target in your videos and your content creation, whatever. That’s what you want to target. If you target your browser, your country is going to give you personalized based on Google and you don’t want to do that.

Okay, so let’s go this is number five. This is It’s also like a doctor go and epic browser. This also will allow you to search without being personalized, I brought it to you because the interface of epic epic Duck Duck go, you may not like but then this is quant that has a beautiful face, then we have

Now some of the times you may not know if the image you have suffered to get for your brand is being put to use somewhere else.

As you can see, this is the original image uploaded four days ago, this now is found two days ago on another website, somebody else likes your image without paying for your royalties or buy your stops, and is using your image for free.

You don’t want that. But then you can be everywhere yourself, just go to And check that for you. Now I put these here so that whenever you see an image you want to use on your five out on your YouTube or your blogs, please confirm that there are no stolen images or images that as you know, images that will allow that will pick you up for not buying.

I don’t know how to put that. But you just have to make sure it’s not illegal to use an image before you put it on your brand, which might be an issue. Okay, then spark is also instantly discover what your audience reads, what they watch what they listen to what they follow.

If you’re anything close to content creation online, and you want to make money, you need to know what people in your gener in your niche what they are doing. As soon as you know that they are good to go. I’m telling you, this is one of the best websites on the internet.

Because check out what my people are asking for. Just like now, if I put affiliate marketing and I want you to see how this works. And I hit on discover all let me decline cookies, so it won’t track me again, then as soon as it opens is going to disk what people are talking about on social media and everything is gonna pop up to you.

So you will know what to make in content is simple look at it as athletes or media is mozia. So whatever you want to get, there isn’t a party here. Those are people saying I should sign up. Okay, which I could have just done and continue like that.

So please spark Toro does come very, very important. And then after you do all of these, you may need to make some incredible infogrames Go to

And this is quite easy. Just as you can see, you can do a lot of graphics directly just from an interface. And it gives you everything come back and give you this as well. But this is just like it’s pre made. And I think I just also want to bring it to you is very, very nice as well.

And then there is one I will want you to see. It’s I really didn’t put these when I was you know compiling these. But then I remember let me just put it for those who will be interested. Now this is the Internet Archive It’s a nonprofit library of millions of free ebooks.

Are you with me here, the listeners are making money using free ebooks, you see that free movies, if I create a website on these and make passive income from these softwares, they are nonprofit. So you can use whatever you see here, music, websites, and more.

There are software’s, which is something that caught my eye, the Internet Archive for software’s Look, they have different foster different software APK archive, you can just check anything out CD ROM, you know, CD ROM image, just check it out.

If it’s your nature, or movies, they are all movies, you know, it’s incredible, you can make money off of these, if you can think outside the box. And these is something that I use a lot. And the reason I use this is I’m a blogger, I have 21 blogs, I need to move at a speed of light to cover a lot.

So what do I do, I use my dictation that I Oh, what this does is I can talk like I’m talking and it will type it for me. So instead of me to type at I’m just reading and talk now this is it. Let me start now, let’s do this, you’ll see. So I click Start and it will type everything I’m saying right about now.

I’m sure it will pop it up, you see that. So everything I’m saying is typing it. Each time I pause, it pops it up, you see how that works.

And this is absolutely free. So this time you can actually even teach just like I’m teaching now. And I will have my my written words all done. So I can do my translation.

You see that?

So instead of looking for where to translate these, I will teach it to translate one together and I will be done. Now let me show you the number 13 which you want to use.

These I advise you use apps union repurposing, look at this, you have maybe you want content on tik tok you want to produce on YouTube, you want to repurpose it for Instagram. But then you can go ahead and do these all over and over.

Look at what it’s doing. So it’s going to repurpose your dekstop to mobile that you can use on tik tok. And also that you can use on Instagram. With just one click. This is wonderful you see are these looks like now when you’re watching on desktop, you’re going to see everything.

But as soon as you pop up to these it’s going to follow you through and give you the best resolution in auto generation. And everything. Within 60 seconds. I will know you want to try that out. And if you’re interested in being anything close to practicing how to speak speak, is very important.

You need to know how to speak example professional live audio is made simple, perfect in 24 hours. This is filter as does use mix LR, and then you can just learn how to speak you can speak to people that people give you feedback is like you are now an OLTP online personality is that is what it’s called.

This is also very cool. And I feel like if you’re a content creator, no way you must even voice like now I’m not showing my face, but at least my voice is popping up. So I need to not articulately say what I’m saying to convince a lot of people and all of that.

And that is why I brought this to you. You can make money via the audio book translations, and even you know rent money audios for people as a freelancer. Okay, like this video and share it. I’ll see you in another video.

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